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  1. lol.. lazy lazy ass.. just go farm oil and put it in your farms 1k oil last 33h, put 10k if needed and you can forget about fuel for farm for 14 days
  2. We have huge problem with tame limit on the grid, not the company limit, but overal grids limit, so on our grid there are 4 companies living and we have hit grids tame limit. Can't breed anything even if companies tame limit is 200/300
  3. You do know how they pick those TOP's ? Apperantly not, if you consider this of any importance.
  4. Or.. at least ask 5 times to confirm charater deleting.
  5. About farmhauses: 1. Would be only normal to be needed to man them with crewmembers, let's say you can put in it total of 10 crewmembers( or any different ammount) each of which gives 10% of total production, reaching 100% at 10 crewmembers, in this case those automatically farmed resources wont be free, but you actually would need to pay gold to crewmembers working there, so stimulating players to go more out to farm maps/whales and other ways of getting gold. 2. Farmhause would be needed to be able to be put on a ground without blocking nearby resources, either it would block only the place it's put on or tiny bit around it. 3. Also a option that it transfers resources to flag if you are a owner of the island. ??? As of questions: 1. Does taxation will work on them, if settler has put one down on your island ? 2. Can you put one on claimed islands only or also lawless ? 3. If someone destroys it, does they get access to resources stored inside it? 4. Will it collect all resources around it, or let's say you will be able to choose which specific resource you want it to collect? 4.1. Will the production be capped at X ammount of resources per resource type per hour, or X ammount of resources total per hour ? (Like if there is around trees, rocks, metal, crystal etc. will it collect 100 of each resource per hour, or will it collect 100 randomly picked resources in its range)
  6. They could have decreased island points per company, but hard capped to 1 island ? And how do you think to defeat your enemys and claim their island if you have to drop your island doing it ? Shallow thinking mate
  7. How does, having 1 global pve server makes any difference to having 2 regional servers? Everyone just likes to complain about blshit all the time..
  8. They do play drums, the only reason they can not play your songs is that you have put in them not the ones for drums.
  9. No no... it's quite opposite, hate the players, not the game.
  10. You can make a custom flag, get up the mast and put it there..
  11. Out of all the possible cart variations of weaponry in pvp, flamethrower .. i say you name any cart in 2x, it would not be as OP as a flamethrower. the range is unrealistic even by modern standards of weaponry, damage to tames.. it melts 1k hp on tame in seconds + bug often you don't even see the flame, because of surrounding textures and it still burns you to ashes.
  12. As an adult person with work and RL. i agree that 9h combat timer is too long... it's like it meant you to be locked in-game for that time and if you can't well.. better just don't play at all because someone definitely will have way way more online time to offline raid you. But really it could be 4h(even this for many working and normally functional adult gamers could be a bit over the edge.. ) with 20h peacetime so at least people can have time for defending, rebuilding, farming and maybe even exploring Atlas.. which is rather impossible when you need to be on watch 9h a day. About Lawless, they are good as they are, hence they are lawless.. What i see as a problem now is if people who are not allied to the owner of the island is living there, the owner can just tear apart their property without any penalties.. even if they didn't do anything and were paying to owners some mutual "tax". What could be actually done for sake of the safety of residents non-owners of claimed islands, is to implement in game mechanic of renting land tax which could be set, let's say from a 24h to 1 week(or any longer time) of the period by the sum of gold, which if is paid by a said resident company to the owner company, starts "non-aggressive pact" for set time between both companies( no changes in tax sum/period after pact has been activated should impact previously activated pacts, so there would be no griefing), pact would last even in a combat time, so there would be no griefing by either side.. as a set limitation to resident company, so it doesn't build up all around the island(becasue obv oweners would not be able to prevent that), before activating non-aggressive pact, it could be set by some "residential land claim flag"(let's say it would work like this: resident puts a flag where they want and the size they want and island owner has to go by this flag and accept it to make it legitimate) the territory in which resident company is allowed to build. Ofc this would be optional and any company that owns the island can decide if they want to have residents/taxpayers on their island or they don't, so leaving for non-taxpayers current in-game mechanics..
  13. Or.. just implement that after 3rd rejuvenation you lose the ability to age (for sake of those who care, after 3rd rejuvenation give to the player the option to choose at what age they stop aging) Solves the problem, right? Or you want to say that at a point when you will be playing this game for 9months you will not care about looking old grandpa/ma ? I bet you will, so increasing/decreasing the speed of aging won't be giving you your desired effect.
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