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  1. They had it after silo was installed.
  2. Pvp is mix bag, some will help, some will sink on sight.
  3. I don't believe that is the problem. I believe the problem is hunters going around looking for people trying to establish a base then whipping that base and then moving on.
  4. Well once again I overlook an obsious solution. I pushed a Canon forward by opening a gun port which created enough room for me to get by.
  5. Hi again. We are having another issue. Lol we put gold into our silo, but the crew are still showing the gold coin above their heads indicating that they want to be paid. My question is what could be causing this?
  6. I don't know if I am doing things wrong but here is what I am running into. I placed a large sail on a schooner, and now I can't walk around it. It is between two canons, but last time I did this I don't believe I had this issue. My question is is there a way I can keep 10 guns ( canons) below deck have the large sail and still be able to walk around the sail to the other side?
  7. Yeah, I am not ready to fight a hydra. I have seen you can drown it, but i only seen that used once on YouTube. I got 40 dp last night and unlocked my xp.
  8. I just read all the way down to the patch notes on. https://atlas.gamepedia.com/Level I am an idiot, patch i think 402 says that it is now 40 dp to level up. Sorry for wasting your time. Lol.
  9. Hi, I have an issue that I hope is an easy fix. I am a level 51, with 38 discovery points. I am trying to level up, but any time I try to get xp, killing cobras, ECT I don't see my xp increasing. What do I have to do? Do I need to only get xp during the discovery xp boost or treasure hunting?
  10. Long story short. I was in a golden age island scouting out the fountain of youth. Logged off then logged back on to but instead of being forwarded to kracken na, I was taken to choose your server page, then after I got through that and logged in I couldn't interact with my ship. Logged off, back in. Same thing, server page, but this time I could interact with my ship, but was kicked by battle eye for something about the client. Rebooted. Tried again samething. This repeated for three hours untill I logged on and found I was being attacked and eventually killed and lost my ship. But after the second time I was killed, battle eye kicked me again. I restarted my modem, and updated it ( it was already up to date). I am still having issues. Logged in today 12/26 and wasn't kicked by battle eye (b e) however still wasn't imediately loaded into kracken na and into my bed.
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