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  1. this all happened during the Kraken fight on the official network in 13/02/2020, when we finally died from the shock from the tentacules we respawned back at our base but one of our mates was still on board, and what she told and showed us was a glitchy mess. While we were alive and running in our Island in J2 , a second character of us was still *asleep* and or *unconscious* on the deck of our ship During the Kraken fight, and when the fight was finally over we teleported back to our ship to save it and we found multiple of ourselves sleeping on the deck, as if having logged off on ship as of the last patch where you can see the person sleeping. they counted as extra real people on our ship and towards our crew count so we had to lay off crew to prevent sinking, Not only that but after dying to the kraken, we gave up on our ship and we did a re-spec for our old and normal stats new skills we use every day, BUT when we heard the kraken fight was over and rushed to teleport back.... we teleported into our old bodies that *died* in the kraken fight and were already wearing our battle gear and all or weapons on our bar were live (no count down) AND we had the stats *life stam fortitude* we had chosen for the fight and NOT the newly re-assigned stat points. That's all the Info I can provide on this bugfiesta of a Kraken fight! ~Pls fix
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