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  1. Changed some ini files, neat. Things that need to be fixed asap: Re-spawn green screen loop Ladders, seriously, what's up with ladders. Bear cargo saddle, OMG the number of problems this creates. Performance, oh dear lord performance. Kraken especially, power point slideshow. Come on devies, get off that ARK ship and get on the ATLAS ship.
  2. How to recreate the barrel roll bug. Have a Brig Have a bear with a cargo saddle on it Sail to sea, wait for it. If you remove the cargo saddle, the Brig won't roll. Warning: If you have a ship with a animal + cargo saddle, your ship is probably toast. Windows 10 Official PVE Gorgon's gaze https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDOGTEmJJtQ
  3. Massive bug with Brig. Full fixed brig before patch. Download patch, log in, brig is sinking, my animals on shore getting destroyed. Fix boat, get bear back. Start sailing, ship is doing catwalks, and full barrel rolls. Witnessed by teamates in another ship. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-4xyfRKBtQ
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