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  1. I made a new boat (3x did help but it still took a while) to try and salvage what I could thanks to the update deciding to sink our ship. Everything died except for one horse and one crew member. But... The sharks seen to killing off the last crew member before I could rescue him. Heaven forbid they nerf the targeting range of sharks in the water.. Oh wait.... Anyways, below are a couple of clips for those who want a good laugh at how not to update a game. To date this makes the third ship lost because of bugs. And for those of you who are wondering, no none of them have been replaced. Seriously, how hard could it be to spawn in a boat with appropriate levels or at least give the resources back to the tribe. Luckily the rescue boat, for lack of better words, didn't sink. Instead it just spins about randomly and tosses from side to side. At one point I managed to get on our horse and it leveled the boat out when I placed him in the middle between the sails. However, after getting off the horse the cart on the horse started spinning like a helicopter propeller. Which then caused the boat to go back to spinning. At some point it threw me off the boat into the water. I then merged into the boat beneath the bottom dock. While the boat was spinning in circles I drained my character by punching the air and pretending it was a developer of a game that I won't mention. He finally dies and I spawn on the bed but the boat again flips and launches the horse off the boat and into the water. Guess what shows up in a heartbeats notice.. Yes.. sharks. As in two. Which clearly the nerf on the targeting range did not take effect because there was nothing in the water when I was being tossed about. At this point I managed to get the horse back on the boat and set sail for a very long and frustrating journey back home. All the while thinking to myself how much time and resources was lost thanks to an update. https://xboxclips.com/TmC Pitbull/d6169389-3f3e-4bb8-a1d4-5f5b9e9fd1da https://xboxclips.com/TmC Pitbull/5ef9cc59-025e-4d70-b320-8e6e13e6b597
  2. Have you tried a hard reboot? Log out of your session through the menu, press the center button and go to Atlas. In the menu on the left side go to quit. Then press and hold the power button on your console. FYI some Xbox players are seeing issues when traveling between grids. The game will crash and if you are manning the boat your character will stay on the wheel. Thus meaning you are sailing in a straight line until you log back in from your game crashing.
  3. Thanks a lot... No notification of a pending update and the update happened while we were at sea. After the update we log back in to find our crew dead, our metal we just spent time farming at sea, our tames in the sea and our boat sunk. How about next time a server announcement so that we can get ready. Or in the very least a slight roll back or removing the SoD until the servers go back live. At this point I'm not sure our company will continue on if this is how you guys run your game. And before it's mentioned we are aware it is three times now but it doesn't matter when one of the top three companies rolls by and destroys everyone's boats every day. Thanks to the update our last boat is now lost.
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