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  1. They are not required by any means to do anything. Unless you live in South Korea(Laws). You should read the terms and conditions. Also alpha = Adding material to the game. LOTS of updates beta = All base material added(objects for you programmers), polishing and adjusting skins to fit base material. If you want to correct someone, by all means, do. Just come with something better than "Alpha no its beta, just a bad beta"
  2. Atlas is in alpha state... not beta. They are still adding/fixing things. They can at any time wipe the entire game. ALPHA is meant for testing and fixing. You should look into games that are beta or beyond if you want to keep things.
  3. Driven Madders

    Latest Patch (v404.5)

    For someone that is "signing off" You sure are letting a game in ALPHA get to you... Maybe you should play games that are already done. Go back to the Super Nintendo games perhaps?
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    Latest Patch (v404.5)

    I love the update. Thank you!
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    Latest Patch & Happy Holidays!

    Same here.