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  1. Nice thanks for the information
  2. I was coming onto Atlas to feed my bear and as I was about to get on, I notice the server Im on (The Gorgon's Gaze [NA PVE]) is missing entirely. Was it removed/wiped or is there something else going on?
  3. Every time I walk my bear off the edge of my ship near a structure, the whole thing turns upside down. I can still move and swim out of the water like that, but you cant sprint with the tame once on land and have to try to flip it back upright using land and a player-made structure. http://u.cubeupload.com/SushiVII/20200314153419.jpg
  4. I've been able to kill the lower lvls off pretty easily in no time, but even using my bear against multiple warriors was a bit rough. As a solo player it can be hard and I had to run my bear away because it would have been killed. Having other people in your company does make things much easier
  5. Well in that sense then I agree with you. Keep them buffed as they are but Id say the warrior spawning alone after the others are killed will feel better overall, like an addition to depth of achievement.
  6. The most common problem I have with getting map chests are the warriors of the damned. Theyre way too strong. Im lvl 41 with full plate armor, a heavy mace, drinking grog before the fights, and Im getting destroyed by a single lvl 15 warrior. By the time I manage to kill them by luck without dying, the whole group respawns again, and if the first warrior isnt already dead, then another spawns with the new group so Im fighting off 2 warriors now. Another time I had 4 warriors spawn and by that time I just had to abandon that chest. I think Warriors of the Damned should at least spawn last AFTER youve killed every other lesser undead, so the Warrior at the end would be a 1v1 mini boss to defeat to then dig up the chest. Having them spawn at the same time as all the others is just overkill on a player.
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