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  1. I can't get past the "press (a) to continue" I have posted about it all around the forms and made tickets but with no luck I have factory reset my Xbox multiple times and get no issues on any other game or app just this game so it's definitely not an issue with my Xbox even if I got told "we are working on fixing it" would be fine but so far it seems I have a broken game that no one has any intentions of fixing as other people have had this issue before and from what I can find no one has been able to find out how to get past it
  2. Am one of the new players but can't even get onto the main menu because of this "press (A) to continue" issue if you want more of a player base you at lease have to let people who buy you game at the very least play the game as so far I have paid for a into and some music with a picture of your "atlas" logo. I have searched everywhere and sent reports and posted in forums with no answers.
  3. Has anyone found a fix/work around as I have bought the game and can't get passed the "press a to continue" if I change controllers or account's and press any button the account name at the top right changes so it's not the console crashing or a controller malfunctioning I have tried everything possible move between internal and external, reinstalled many times, cleared cache, saves and even factory reset my Xbox but still same issue. I understand it's a early access and there will be bugs and issues but so far I haven't got to the menu once in probably 30-40 tries.
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