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  1. That's why I suggested NPC's having a 'weight' stat...Besides, you could just assign points to you ships 'Crew' stat.
  2. Yeah, I've got mine at .05 too. Bare in mind, though, a 'creature count' of .08 is needed for the Hydra and Drake to spawn. You could use an admin command to spawn in a low level Hydra though just to get the Artifact Keys.
  3. Just wanted to comment on a YouTube vid I just watched. A guy claims he's played offline for over an hour without his game crashing so now I'm doubting that it does save online every 10 minutes...
  4. Yeah, as Berzerkgamer 93 said, it saves, roughly, every 10 minutes but you must be connected to the internet.
  5. When you say you're playing "offline" do you mean literally, ie you're not connected to the internet? I play on original Xbox and on Solo...never had that. I know that you can play this without internet but the game saves periodically (roughly every 10 minutes)...but you must be connected to the internet. Apart from that...no idea why this is happening to you.
  6. I've had the game crash on me loads of times as I've approached islands. Are you on Xbox? Either way, I turned the Animal count down and it hasn't happened since. The Xbox, at least, just can't handle loading in the environment aswell as all the animals.
  7. Geminia - if your crew capacity is, say, 16 (yourself, 3 on sails and 12 on cannons) put 1 or 2 points into your ships Crew stat to increase your crew capacity to 17/18, ie 1 or 2 points higher than you need. That way, if a random bird lands on your ship, it won't sink.
  8. The only way I could kill pirates on turrets was to use a melee weapon. Those on high structures I had to use the Fly command...I could mount the ladder leading up to them but was only able to climb halfway up the ladder.
  9. CRAIG

    Map and Bed Bug

    Geminia - I had SOTD attack my ship when I wasn't on it. I was, however, in the Diving Suit so maybe that's classed as being on your ship...
  10. Only tried fishing twice. First time, exactly how you've described but second time was in a rowboat and worked fine.
  11. Yeah, it's ridiculous. You can put thousands and thousands of resources on your ship but a bloody chicken or seagull sinks it! There shouldn't even be a 'crew count'. Every NPC crewman or animal should have a 'weight count'. I'm certain if you built a wacking great gallion in real life and put 100 men on it, it wouldn't sink. The devs have, maybe, created the 'crew count' to stop people going over the top and having huge numbers of crew on your ship. Surely, though, the gold cost of having crew would be enough to disuade people from putting excessive amounts of crew on their ships? On saying all that, though, there is one very easy solution to preventing a lone bird from landing on your ship and sinking it. Allocate a couple of points on 'Crew', ie if your max crew is 16, put 2 extra points on 'crew'. That way 2 birds would have to land on your ship at the same time to sink it...never gonna happen.
  12. I've had it crash without lagging too...I fixed by lowering Animal Count.
  13. Same thing's happening to me. My horses 'food level' just won't go up. Might I suggest you check the 'food level' of your NPC crew...you can put food in their inventory and use Right Trigger to feed them...their 'food level' will go up. All Tames, though, are pointless as they'll all die of starvation eventually.
  14. Same thing happened on 'Dayz' for Xbox. Devs needed money to continue working on pc version so they ported the game to console and made millions. The game's in worse condition now than when it was first released over a year ago. None of the main problems have been fixed that were present when the game was released. They update once every 2/3 months and don't check to see if the update works. Then the players have to wait months before the devs fix the updates. They're even releasing a new map that costs €15 BEFORE they've even fixed the main game! And they know that most players are going to buy it... Devs have learnt they can sell game previews to console players that don't work and there'll be no consequences. Mark my words, there'll be more game previews to come that don't work. People buy previews knowing the game, probably, won't work properly BUT they DO expect for the games to improve. And after 2 weeks of purchase you can't even get a refund...
  15. Not experiencing that on 'Ocean' on Solo Mode...
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