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  1. Yes i noticed the overcrowded islands, the lag indeed is still as intense as ever or worse, my connection is not the issue as well. Pvp is out of the question for me also... as a solo player and being forced to go up against a pc player there is no other way then to loose or get thrown out of the game at the heat of battle or login and somebody sunk your ship overnight. The pc used to have no issues with endless crashing of the game or insane lag in a raid or seafight are you saying they now also experience that? I was hopeing the new console would maybe solve some issues because of the beter hardware Perhaps one day it will be decent enough to play 7
  2. https://mobile.twitter.com/sailtheatlas/status/1309352536470466560 All i could find
  3. Yeah yesterday i was at taming 80% with a bear before the server went down. No problem today i have a day off plenty of time to tame one..... Oh wait complete server is gone ..... i came back to atlas after a half year of inactivity but nothing has changed hasnt it?
  4. Thnx for the reply about the upkeep is it true that it is the same amount of gold that is needed to claim the island?
  5. Hi there! Since two weeks I am high on atlas we play with a little group of 5 people and managed to figure out most things necessary to play the game. We want to claim an island on pvp server but the info I find trough internet all seems outdated? Does anyone have a link with the actual rules concerning claiming and maintaining an island?
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