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  1. So got on and none of my boats were in my company any more ! This is getting old all these bugs and no support. None of my animals gain XP either what is up with that????
  2. I'm on Unofficial Blackwood xbox. I have some bugs as well . 1. When you open a treasure map you instantly DC 2. Beds stop working 3. Peoples characters are being erased 4. People are getting kicked out of company when they relog the next day. 5. Near the Hydra island once you get off your boat you cant get back on . It wont allow you to swim up to it . Its extremely weird.
  3. Hello I need help.! I rent a server on Nitrado we having alot of issues. 1. When you open a treasure map you DC instantly 2. Cant see beds when you die so you cant spawn on them . 3. Server doesnt save when i restart server it erases peoples player and tribes 4. Glitch where you cant get on boat 5. Certain islands you glitch and cant swin back up to your boat.
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