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  1. Dochollyhood

    Christmas’s Event

    If they do a Christmas event instead of fixing stuff, expect everyone who supported the idea to get griefed and offline raided the entire time. Because screw your cosmetic loot and colored tames... we want the game fixed.
  2. Dochollyhood

    My feedback 4.0

    This is because the ones that are still alive from the first spawn wave have wandered off. They do that... and it's dumb. You basically have to go hunt them down, and the longer it takes you to find them, the farther off they could be since that don't have a wander limit or anchor point. Also... they're UNDER the map wandering around and only come up when you're nearby. And this isn't even a bug... it's by design.
  3. Dochollyhood

    Looking for a company named TSR

    Only takes about 20-30 minutes to tear down a trap wall using a sickle. Probably your best option.
  4. Dochollyhood

    More additions badly needed

    Your "Horse" has been killed by "OP" level 174.
  5. Dochollyhood

    The Game Developers are Deaf and Mute

    We got Professor Oak'd. "Take this Pokemon and get the hell out of my lab," then becomes an unresponsive NPC for the rest of the game.
  6. Dochollyhood

    The Game Developers are Deaf and Mute

    I spent a good portion of yesterday in the discord and as it turns out, they hinted at this in the last Captain’s Log. But when you say things like “batten down the hatches” and “hunker down”... your customers don’t take that to mean “fall off the grid”. Despite saying they would be available for crucial fixes and emergency assistance, they never said outright that they would be this inaccessible. And furthermore... NO ONE should ever be this inaccessible. There should be someone who does absolutely nothing but manage these forums, the social media, and other channels of communication.
  7. Dochollyhood

    The Game Developers are Deaf and Mute

    Eh, I don't meet the "required perquisites". Pretty much guarantees I have no shot.
  8. Dochollyhood

    Forum Recommendation

    You mean like the Captain's Log (which is woefully infrequent and doesn't have a forum of its own)?
  9. Dochollyhood

    The Game Developers are Deaf and Mute

    The problem here is that there aren't that many of those types of people out there. And they probably aren't offering a competitive enough salary to draw people away from the "big ponds". They need to start loosening the criteria and focusing on hard working, skilled employees rather than credentialed ones. Either way, the goal is to get it done right... but the difference is how long it takes. Waiting for that 5%er candidate is costing the player community. Hiring a hobbyist (or 20) who is just as good (if not better) but has never shipped a game could save the game from fizzling out due to lack of response to feedback. To put it simply, they need to stop pretending they need the best candidates for the job... because the best candidates aren't applying to work for them, and start accepting candidates who can improve their product. No one drives their 2002 focus into a Ford dealership and says, "I'm not leaving here without a GT500." No, they buy a Fusion and call it a win.
  10. Dochollyhood

    The Game Developers are Deaf and Mute

    So I took the time to comb through the Announcements and General discussion forums to find all of the staff that are active on the forums and look at their accounts. Of the five that I found, all of them have viewed the forums in the last 10 days, but only three have been active. Dollie has been extremely active, but seems to be focused on damage control and support ticket elevation. All of the topics that were actually responded to were things with fixes/patches already in the works. Nothing about future developments or any real response to feedback about the direction of the game. This all tells me that there is little focus on customer engagement, likely because as DOOTS2521 said, they are dreadfully understaffed. To me this says that they are over-committed, and it is taking every resource they have to put out the fires they're currently working on. Given that the game is in preview status, that's somewhat understandable, but there is a definite chasm that needs crossed before release. Too bad they are only hiring candidates with shipped titles and stacked resumes... otherwise I'd throw my hat in the ring. Guess modders and hobbyists who make games better (or in my case make better games) don't count as real developers because we didn't do it with a five million dollar bankroll behind us. Sucks that I have to finish my game (by my damn self while still working full time as a mechanical engineer) before any studio will take me seriously... but I can't get a staff because no one wants to work for free until I ship. Catch-22
  11. Dochollyhood

    Ship cannons

    Xbox players are unable to fully control NPCs mounted to cannons. On PC, I am able to assign NPCs to cannons on one side of the ship and switch them to the other as needed. It takes some setup, and knowledge of the commands, but it's possible and I recommend doing it... since it reduces the number of NPCs required to operate cannons by at least half. Following the exact same procedure on the Xbox, however, results in a running into a roadblock. There are certain helm hotbar commands for selecting and controlling NPCs that are unresponsive on the Xbox. Please explore and remedy this, as it is a clear disparity between the amount of resources it requires to load out a ship on PC and Xbox, and the game mechanics and performance are already clearly skewed in favor of PC players as it is.
  12. Dochollyhood

    The Game Developers are Deaf and Mute

    As a developer (not with this studio) myself, I'm pretty sure that if my PR team, my dev team, or even just my GMs saw a thread decrying the dev team for failure to engage, I wouldn't let it go 12 hours without some kind of response. Just saying...
  13. Dochollyhood

    Seagulls sink ships

    This has been happening for a while, not just since the last crew limit update. It's not that big a deal... until it's an alpha seagull, lol. There should be something you can do to "shoo" them away. I know the simple solution is to just have creatures not count as crew if they're not tamed, but then companies could have massive amounts of tames on their ships just by temporarily unclaiming them.
  14. Dochollyhood

    Current 9h wartime is too long

    The problem here... is that you, and those like you, may be the majority when it comes to those particular battles, but are certainly NOT the majority of players in the game. MOST of us are in 5-12 man companies that don't have night-shifters. Even companies that do have someone up all night to protect from griefers can't expect that one person to hold off an earnest attack. So what is at issue here is that the devs have created an environment with an imbalance of power that allows large groups of trolls and troglodytes like yourself to have fun at the expense of the rest of the population of a server cluster... which is the majority of the players. So the 50 of you have fun, while the hundreds of us rage quit. Rage quitters don't buy DLC, don't buy servers to host their 30-40 friends, and certainly don't buy the next game you put out. In fact, I didn't even buy THIS game because I was so disgusted with how easy it was to grief in ARK. Someone bought it for me because they wanted my logistics expertise in their company... At the end of the day, if they don't do something about the dynamics that force people to join large companies where they are just a number or get rolled by those larger companies... they're going to lose more players than they already have. Then it'll just be a circle jerk between all of you "proper raiders". Something something needs of the many, something something needs of the few.
  15. Dochollyhood

    Anchored ships should not sink

    Anything that can be done to prevent offline raiding is a plus. That's not Player versus Player, that's Player versus Player's schedule. A game should not require you to dump irresponsible amounts of time into in order to prevent the loss of what you accomplished during the time you willingly spent in it. That's basically saying that if you don't have people at your island for your entire combat phase, you might as well give up. So you need allies. And night-shifters. And NPC turrets. That makes the disparity between having the skills and resources to build a base and the ability to actually defend that base HUGE. Diminishing returns kill RPGs.