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  1. Actually people can still turn them off. Full fuel, very little resources in it and it is off. I check them every day and it happens all the time. Someone said pin lock, nope still happens
  2. How do you know and accept if someone has sent you a trade route? I know how to set mine up but have no idea how to see if someone has requested one from me.
  3. You able to get into the game? Stupid things shows no servers
  4. You going to drop the patch for Xbox any time soon. It has been over 3 hours since we were kicked out.
  5. Doing the same thing to me just want to enjoy my day off and play.
  6. How do you wipe an island when you take it over?
  7. I get that but to be able to put flags down all over the island is insane. I get the outlasting and timer that actually makes sense.
  8. So even when you have a flag down and they contest it, they can also put a flag down? And how does one win the contesting of the flag?
  9. I read that they can come in and contest the island also within a certain radius of your flag and stop the timer. Can anyone tell me what that radius is or any idea of how big it goes out.
  10. If a rival company puts a flag down after you put your flag down to contest an island, can they attack you to try to kill you off to stop you from taking the flag or does it remain pve
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