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  1. Xbox version now out and stable? Are you recieving bug reports from Xbox Users? The game constantly removes ships we are actively using from the company. Pirate ships are invincible. Attempting to spawn where we requested is 50/50. Knowing that this is considered stable atleast saves me time from coming back.
  2. When dying on single player or local coop sometimes my ship just gets randomly removed from the company. I've read alot of speculation about spoil time. However i/we used one ship all the time. We were literally on the ship. Died. I tried to spawn on the ship. it didnt exist. Randomly spawned at a different bed. Tried to fast travel to ship. It was gone. Removed from company. Multiple times this has happened. Hopeful with time this will be exciting. However the time invested for constant mishaps like this =unplayable.
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