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  1. Some sort of crane that can be placed on land would be awesome. you just drop the cargo of the ship and then you can grab it with a cargocrane and do some containerstacking.
  2. I have already made a post in the bug reports forum about this. while on the wheel/podium its not possible to use up and down on the dpad in its normal state to select groups or while holding down RB to activate a feat, which is in my case on RB+down. Makes the feat i unlocked unusable.
  3. im currently at max 63 and our team took a closer look at when it changed. the first increase was at 44 points and then it goes in steps of 40 points for each next lvl: 44, 84, 124, 164... however i dont know if it will change later at higher lvls, but till 63, its this pattern.
  4. Dubs

    Ships crew selection

    yes, that was my workaround aswell, but it still should be fixed cause im still unable to use my captains skill while on the ship cause it got assigned to RB+down. even after i respeced the skill got assigned to the same slot again.
  5. Dubs

    Ships crew selection

    For some reason i and everyone else in my company is unable to select or deselect the groups on Dpad up and down. Every other group can be selected/deselected but not those 2. Sometimes these groups get randomly deselected and im unable to use them in a fight due to being unselectable. Also just a minor suggestion would be to maybe change the Dpad groups to: Left =Left, Up=front, Right=Right, Down=Back. that would make it a bit easier. Edit: Since when you unlock feats, they get added to the upper quickslot bar on the next free slot. i now have a captains skill on the RB+Down which is also not working so it seems that up and down on Dpad is not working normally or in the feats bar. only the LB+up or down commands are working. This needs to be fixed asap, cause in a battle im unable to fully make use of my ships power.
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