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  1. So let's recap it seems to main problems is keeping ships safe while we do this thing we all have to do it called sleeping and I don't work. Lol Secode issue is that base building take far to much time and resources to be leveled by a player that may only need a quarter the time to destroy it. I think we can all agree on that Solutions 1. a off line raiding timer on ships 24 hr that a ship can stay safe. 12√∑ every hour docked. My Opinions- ofcourse I'm bias to this one yet I think good idea to help player have chance to keep ship safe while afk. We did have someone mention 2 hours a day of play was to much well if that's to much then I'm not ganna sweat it if you quick the game lol. Solution 2. Unraiadable bases My Opinions- I hope your saying offline protections or I read that wrong if you want a base unraidable go pve they can still atack other ships offline base timer not against it but dont think its necessary. Solution 3 pve zones. Not a bad idea yet let's not do the whole middle of map that's to much or force pve to join. Have you seen pve maps way to over crowded. And they dont want to do pvp leave them be. Let's keep lawless let's just turn a few squares around the map into pvp areas like a pirates cove little resources like free port no building there thoe. Love the thought of haveing a npc town where we could put up bounty and a safe place to trade and buy ships among all the chaos would be nice have to have timer of how long you can stay like 18 hr. Or something. With a ship limit per player Solution 4 Reajusting base defences and atacking capabilities of players My Opinions- yes for sure needs tweaking back and forth tell right. Solution 5 haveing to ask for a ship battle come on. My Opinions- "Hay you there in the ship can I please shoot at you and take all your loot" pirates politely asked the passing ship. Lol really now
  2. no 24 min too short and yes you could spam many ships. your ship would be able to be docked for 24 hours wile protected might have worded it wrong then12 divided by timed docked means that ships has to be on water at least two hours a day. This still gives people a chance to grief those players only online once or twice a week or any one that forgets there ships timer. while still giving the average decanted player the ability to keep a ship or two from being sunk with no contest. this is a pvp we cant give anyone a permeant safe zone no mater how insignificant anyone may think it is. things all ready fall apart or despair over time. the game still needs griefer doing there thing to keep the sever from being over crowded with abended ship. if your a solo player then two hours a day to keep your ship from being offline raided isn't to much to ask and if you have a small company of 5-6 then you all together could easily keep a few from that fait. this time of Couse could be adjusted abet but the idea is not to take anything from the game but to force more ships into the open oceans and to allow for the sever to have more ship running around the map leading to ship battles. this is to allow a pirate type of company's to survive on a ship with some rum and the lure of gold only to stop to refuel before setting sail again. you know the prates that leave island battles to those land love types.
  3. They could add no ship raiding on docked ships protection for 24hr then a cool down time of 12√∑time docked that way no one just docks ships for ever to store suplys and gives troll a chance to do there thing yet still giving average player a chance to progress. More player able to advance more players will not only want to play but more players to raid and fight.
  4. No ship raiding while docked would bring more ship battles to game. Yet I would add that a ship should only be none raidable once docked for 24hs that way no one just leaves ships dock for ever to store suplys then a cool down time of like 12 divided by time docked so that way the ship has to move so often.
  5. Even in a pvp it has to be fair for all style of player current conditions. Leavs the game only playable by people how play 24/7 or with large companies. Even with large company people are haveing issues with off line raiding being too esy. Not saying it needs to be taken out but make it harder and for ship no offline raiding and safe when docked. Also we need enemy weight no efect on ships because there exploring that as well. We want epic ship fights not, another base build game. After all real pirates went after ships out in open waters not ports they were hired to stop supply lines from reaching enemy ports. Docked ships where to high risk.
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