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  1. Ahoy ! Welcome to Salty Devils ☠ Are u searching for a good running boosted PVE and pvp (EU) server. Soon to be 20 grids in total than search no more and join us 17 pve 3 pvp With working treasure maps bosses trenches Mermaids Power stones All Quests and more ! Gold 2x fish loot 2x exp 3x baby growth 75x breeding 2x egg hatch 125x tamingspeed 3x player heath 7x stamina 5x weight 7x fortitude 5x intelligence 5x Pvp zones are higher (4x) in loot Friendly and helpfull players and admins Lots of island to claim/build New regions being added Check us out and join us on discord https://discord.gg/FRMZcrT (I'm not the admin of this server just promoting the server)
  2. Xbox version of the game now out and stable..hahahaha good joke.. Fix the black map bug please .
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