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  1. polearmRU

    Maps difficulty been increased

    Last night they wanted to dig up a blue map. took two bears with parameters 1400XP and 190% damage. the map was never dug up. Damage to defenders takes place at the level of 16-32 XP. Defenders do damage 140-184. If they could not cause damage - they go underground and it starts all over again. Bears miraculously survived. The undertaking with the treasure was postponed indefinitely.
  2. polearmRU

    loss of access Missing characters. Important.

    I did not change the computer and operating system. I did not install the game again. The file integrity check did not reveal any problems. Restarting the game and rebooting the computer does not help. My characters and acquaintances disappeared when teleporting between regions. For no apparent reason or error: you teleport to a neighboring region, the game returns back (teleportation does not occur). You exit the game. All. The character is lost. When you re-enter the game offers to create a new character. On other servers (like PVP NA), my characters load seamlessly.
  3. The game has a big problem losing characters! I know at least 4 cases of loss of access to characters in the last few days for unknown reasons related to errors in the game. I am surprised that the developers are not dealing with this problem. Developers do not want to recover lost characters caused by errors in the game. Dear developers! You must understand that a character is not things that appear or are lost in the normal course of the game. A character is a very significant part of the game, the result of a lot of time spent on killing animals, searching for treasures, searching and handing over stones, killing bosses, whales, searching for mermaids, searching for new discoveries. The loss of characters is a big disaster, the reason for players to leave the game, the reason for the appearance of very negative reviews about the game on various forums and Steam. Who wants to spend time on a game in which you can lose everything at any time? Three days ago (10.27.19) on the PVP EU server for unknown reasons, I lost my character. During these 3 days my island was completely plundered. Buildings are destroyed. All my animals are killed. And on the island the flag of another's tribe was set. Due to the loss of the character, I did not even have the opportunity to stop them. At the moment, I have lost everything that I have achieved and aspired to in the last month of intense play ... I think that the developer must have a simple and streamlined mechanism for returning players lost as a result of game bugs. Why further develop the game, introduce new game features, if the characters for unknown reasons are reset to zero without the possibility of their restoration ?! I think that the problem of losing characters will be relevant for a long time to come. And the main direction in solving this problem should be a mechanism for their rapid recovery. The easiest option, as I see it, is to create a daily updated database of players with all their parameters, achievements and binding to Steam account. The base must contain data of players for a period of at least 2 weeks. And to be able to copy the parameters of the players from this base to any newly created character. Such a tool must be. What can accelerate work in this direction? Maybe several hundred negative reviews on Steam with a description of this very urgent problem? I am sure that I will be supported by the whole alliance and a large number of other players.
  4. polearmRU

    Can't Respawn

    I have lost a character. it happened on 27.10.19. I was in the area of M5. I was looking for discovery. Then the game lost the ability to teleport between regions using the beds or the death of the player. I have always been returned to the M5 region. After another failure, I tried to change the region of revival to K5. The game thought a bit and still returned me to the M5. In M5, I had nothing to do. I quit the game. After half an hour, I returned. but when connected, the game aggressively offers to create a new player in K5 square.