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  1. I know, right? I had to look at my calendar and see if it was April Fools. Imagine when only 2 companies in the game use large boats because no one else can afford it. Imagine losing a 50k gold galleon to a sloop with barrel bombs. Faith in the devs is officially completely gone.
  2. And here I thought nothing could kill the game faster than barrel bombs (once again) as projectiles. I was wrong! It's making a medium sized boat cost 25k gold to build. I hope all small companies had fun playing the game, because they'll be stuck using shit-tier sloops for the whole season.
  3. In my opinion, having ships cost gold to build is going to cause a huge disparity between small groups and larger groups. Typically, gold is a big deal to smaller companies. So if you have a ship cost 500 gold to make it, you're discouraging newer players/small groups from being able to make and try all of the ship types. On top of that, they're very likely to lose boats more easily (since they don't have as much experience, or as large of a fleet to take a fight). So they'll be having to build more boats. All I can imagine is that it's going to run small companies out of gold very quickly, forcing them to be stuck using sloops (which are terrible). I would highly suggest re-thinking this change.
  4. Agreed that this is a very frustrating bug. It gets plain silly sometimes trying to snap a doorway, and instead it just demolishes (by replacing) all of the walls you just finished putting up. Nothing like wasting resources, let alone the time and hassle of trying to figure out "where did that piece go???"
  5. https://imgur.com/a/eDLkX40 Here's an example of what I'm hoping can be fixed to avoid.
  6. I had a couple of ideas for fixing freeport. Currently, lots of people complain about boats being stored in freeports, tames being stored, the raft city, etc. This seems to be a universal gripe of the community looking at any form of social media related to the game (including official discord). The following are my ideas for a freeport redesign. 1) There is a maximum company BOAT limit of 2 in a freeport tile. This would allow people to still go to freeport to hire NPCs, or make sloops/rafts for beginning, or simply parking their boat overnight if they find themselves far from home after a powerstone journey. This would prevent companies from storing their entire fleet in a freeport indefinitely, and would limit the number of raft-farming-villages. Yes, they could just have 5 alt companies storing boats in all of them, but at least it's a slight more pain in the ass to do that. 2) There is a maximum company TAME limit of 20. This lets people recruit 10 NPCs, and also allows for wiggle room should they want to store a few breeding pairs of animals or have a few cats for farming chitin. This would prevent companies from having 50 cats on the shores, and would prevent companies from storing tens of combat tames there for griefing nearby tiles. 3)And lastly, an overweight boat (even green anchored) has 3 minutes to lighten its load before it begins to auto-sink. It really, reallly should be possible for the coding to ignore non-company/non-ally players and tames and ignore their weight. (Just like enemies don't count towards crew limit.) This would eliminate the mass stockpiling of resources and materials on rafts that is being done all throughout freeports. If you wanted to take it a step farther, you could even disallow the placement of Large Wood Signposts (billboards) and crop plots. #MakeAtlasGreatAgain
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