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  1. Im boycotting. Doing everything I can to inform people of how shitty this dev team is, and how they refuse to listen to us when they are killing the game.
  2. Not gonna lie, I'm literally going to go out of my way every single opportunity I get to prevent people from paying for a game killed by shitty devs
  3. Already told several people not to buy this, and I'll continue to encourage people to not buy this game until yall start listening to the player base. Just doing my part.
  4. Why not do what the mass of your player base wants and nerf barrels? How hard is it to understand yall made a terrible move by implementing your barrel garbage long before there is anything put in to counter it? Nerf barrels, or you wont have anyone left to play this early access game. Stop being stupid and listen to your player base!
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