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  1. I don't know what the stats are in US but in UK we have notices a huge change in the dynamic since the start of COVID. The prevalence of home working and the overheads caused by that has definitely swapped the peak use here, probably because we are all getting our gaming fix during work hours
  2. Just to make a small point from someone who is involved with the basic infrastructure. Holiday times are when the infrastructure is under the least stress. Home users do not hugely impact the infrastructure to the same levels as running businesses. The only holiday downtimes you should notice are when individual suppliers and online businesses use the reduction of traffic as an excuse to carry out maintenance. We know that isn't happening with grapeshot because they haven't a clue what to do with there online presence at any time.
  3. I will remind you if you are a military officer that a static defence is no defence against a mobile attacker. All you did was create a puzzle for the enemy to overcome. The whole build a fort concept is ridiculously flawed. the only way of defending in this game is have 24hr cover or hide in a free port.
  4. NO support, No dev interest or ability. And someone is obviously in BattlEye Innovations pocket. Because if I was a dev and I had seen the amount of shit it causes I would have fuc*ed it off by now. Someone is making back hander bucks is my only conclusion. I would like to think if any XBox players have seen this abortion they would have more common sense than to pay Grapeshit any more money.
  5. I originally bought Atlas about 1 year 3 months ago as a bit of a time filler whilst I waited for Mount and Blade 2 and the next Total War. Here I am 1813 hours later. I never wanted to be involved in the PvP and I don't have the luxury or temperament to be a part of a Corp. I get called out to work without notice frequently and can't be relied upon to be on when I may be needed. And I can be a grumpy old git at times. I have at times been helped and have helped quite a few friendly players out there and have enjoyed that. However, in all the time I have been playing atlas on the official servers. I have never seen more than two or at the very most three other players at the same time. This is not a game where you will engage with other players. it is basically a solo game with a few other players probably in different time zones. I realise if you engage in Discord etc. there may be ways of arranging more interaction, but I really cant be arsed with the immaturity endemic on that platform and I don't think a good game should rely on external websites to push its experience, it smacks of corporate failure if they cant maintain and update there own flagship website how can they build a successful business. I have played this game like I play all others. With the intention to experience and achieve as much as I can of the game. This includes completing all available quests. I have a range of all ships (apart from the Ramming abortion) and three markets with warehouses and a minimum of three farms for each market. I have in each base sufficient resources to build at least 3 Galleons. Despite this I feel that because I can not and do not wish to join a Corp I have been excluded from a large part of the game experience. It would be nice if the Developers took note and included some sort of global communications in the game instead of being stuck talking to just your current zone. At the moment the zones my main base resides is completely unplayable. All actions have to be repeated five or six times as you get lagged back to where you were up to 1 minute before. Indeed today I have visited six zones and five lawless zones which are similarly affected. The current state of play with the game is unfortunately completely unplayable. I have formed the opinion the Development team do not have a clue how to progress the game and keep making random changes, at whim without consideration of the game play balance or the stability of the games environment. I cannot be sure of the actual stats but as a player I feel like the player base has dramatically reduced over the last two to three weeks to the point where seven or eight zones which previously would have had a healthy three or four or more players, now are empty. I get the feeling the players are showing the development team there opinion on their games direction. I suspect that this is wholly intentional tactic from the development team and expect that when the servers are restarted, for the start the new season, in a couple weeks time, there wont be a PvE server. When the community complains they will respond 'but there was to few players on the PvE servers to justify the expense'. I originally bought this game as I liked the idea of the pirate life but have slowly realised there is absolutely no piratical gameplay elements. It is a very simple survival/Minecraft clone with a couple of ships thrown in without thought of what to do with them. Please correct me if you feel I am wrong about this but; There is no boarding of ships you cant really go out carousing and the combat dynamics are simply laughable. Since when do pirates buy their ships. Can you imagine Blackbeard: 'Guys can you give me a hand I need to carry 2.5 tonnes of my hard won gold doubloons to the shopkeeper to upgrade to a new 'Queens Annes Revenge'. Oh just so you know its a fuc*ing penteconter, a single deck ramming galley with cannons bolted on, ---- no far less than the current Galley! -------- Ok, guys don't take the piss I know it was out of date when the Romans held the Mediterranean but its all these Cun*s can think of'. Can you imagine his response when he is told he has to slay the entire worlds population of rhinos as well. I imagine his crew would exercise their democratic right and demote him to cooks boy. I think in the interest of honesty the name should be changed to 'MineCrap the Zoo merchant' because you will spend far more time building, Taming or in your market begging for others to create trade routes than you will on the open sea.
  6. Just to clarify, in my experience: 1. Crew must have a hammer in inventory. 2. Be un-seated so not on Cannons, Sails or chairs. 3. There needs to be sufficient resources: wood, thatch, fibre and metal (For large planks) which must be in the ships resource box, there seems to be a range limit on these and ships larders. So if your larder and resource box is on the lowest deck of your Galleon at the very back of the ship, the front middle and upper decks may be out of range and your crew in these areas will not be fed and the planks there will not be repaired. Best keep these items dead centre of ship in first covered deck. 4. You need to be fully anchored, Green anchor icon not White with arrow. The crew will then slowly fix planks and decks; but not walls, Sails, ramps, doors, walls, ceiling tiles or any other structures including the steering wheel. If you have a hammer equipped and are using it, you can fix anything onboard using resources from the Ships resource box. Remember if you are trying to fix a item which requires Stone, flint, oil, crystal, gems or any other resource you must first be either carrying sufficient items of that resource or have it in the ships box. Hope this helps.
  7. You probably find the US has a better ping than we do in the UK they certainly have a much higher band width and less bounces between most big cities in the US and Germany than UK does. UK - Germany traffic usually gets bounced through France and Netherlands. Germany - US has a lot of direct links. The US players just like to complain more
  8. Garfi

    Patch V519.5

    As a solo player and being lucky enough to have been present the day of the last wipe, I have a warehouse and a couple of farms. Which provides a suitable income which provides for all my pleasure yachting experiences. However, I do feel the balance of the game needs a severe tweak to ensure everyone has a chance to enjoy. I think the rewards and overall focus of this game need to be altered. At the moment, the three big money spinners in the game are in order: 1.Doing nothing (Login in once a day and emptying Warehouse into Ships locker and checking bears have food) 5K gold per day with a decent market. Risk - almost nil (dependant on zone, some are so unplayable it is impossible to gather food for said bears). 2. Risking your million pound superyacht (supersloop ) to do lots of dives (watch out for them zones, you never know which one will lock you out and then it is back to SunSeeker (small shipyard) for another sloop. 3k to 5k per 4 hours of play. Risk - moderate to high chance of losing all you have with you, Not through intentional dangers (Ships of the Damned etc., just from zoning. 3. Putting extensive armament onto said Superyacht to risk the vagaries of Greenpeace (Ships of the Damned) in an attempt to take on the behemoths of the sea (Whale hunting). 0 to 3k per 4 hours of gameplay. Risk - as above Serial 2 mostly from the fact the game is not correctly configured to allow safe zoning. Lets be honest Treasure maps and Greenpeace hunting should be up there but there is virtually no gold in either activity and once you have got a mythical fishing pole BP why would you bother to do either again. Whilst serials 2 and 3 are fun and probably what we are suppose to be doing in this game. I suspect the Developers of this game really wish we would start doing more of serial one. Why else would they spend time on Lumber Yards, Ramming Galleys, Charcoal burners, For Fuc*s sake hats on fuc*ing bears and not fixing the current issues. The Lumber yard, what the fuc*. The farm works perfectly at the moment. It has up sides and down sides. Come on guys "My farmhouse collects to many berries", Boo Hoo use the O key, dump that shit. Don't let your laziness be a reason for something that works fine to be nerfed like everything else good about this game. Ramming Galley or as I call it the large corps only ship, Its too expensive, the mechanism to get it is fucked up. Buy it from a vendor. Well fuc*ing thanks I have spent my whole life in this game collecting resources and now you want me to forget that, haul 20 million tonnes of hard earned gold, re-spec so I can carry it and then pay for a ship which is effectively useless. And then the latest brainstorm - The dev team think; it is not fuc*ing exclusive enough, we will get the retards who want one, to find Rhino's, kill millions of the rare fuc*ing things to get a ship. Lets face it, unless you are in one of the two of three super corps, all you are going to do with it if you are stupid enough to buy one, is put into a fucking armoured Dock (as if we need more large buildings to fuck up the already laggy zones) and pay for its storage; may as well build a sloop for all the good it will do. And then in the Devs infinite wisdom they nerf one of the truly fun parts of the game. Why on earth would you nerf gliding suits. It is not going to stop people making big towers they do that to fuck the zones up for other people its why bears scratch trees and dogs piss on lamp posts its subliminal they don't think they just have to do it (I bet they all have small penises too). And by the way I have to agree with Ranger1K why the fuc* would I want to visit any other site than the official Game site to get updates about the game. That is the most fuc*ed up shit I have yet seen. Sure have a multi social media presence but everything should be posted on the website first, its the OFFICIAL WEBSITE for Fuc*s sake. I have a feeling this may be my last post, as I have just about reached the point where I am only logging in to the game to feed the animals and block other players from building Farms and Warehouses. I cant be arsed to sail the ships, as I have had to many stuck between zones or have randomly lost tame incidents. I have never had any responses to my daily bug reports (mostly about the pit that is E4) and I don't feel the game is being developed by a intelligently lead or focused development team. I have over the last year and a half mostly enjoyed the game but it is starting to feel like a obligation and I don't feel like anything the community says is listened too. I suspect the developers: 1. have never played this or any other roleplay type game. 2. Do not speak any language used on their own forums. 3. Are all part time and only paid for new content (no mater how ill-conceived). If I was asked what they should focus on for new content. I would say: 1. Safe shipping for Tames, Crates for small and tethering points for large. It shouldn't be to hard to implement, think of chairs for animals. I have never lost a crew man overboard at a zone who was in a chair. Or even in a laggy zone. 2. Concentrate on getting the laggy zones workable again, if that means restricting building blocks per person/corp per zone then implement that! Working zones must be the priority. This is after all a pirate game not minecraft. 3. Bring out more diverse ships to build and scrap the ship vendor. It would be better to allow boarding of NPC ships than continue with the stupid idea that a pirate should pay a merchant for a ship. Plus the grind use to be what kept people in the game. 4. Implement fleets, a solo player should be able to hire pirate captains or promote NPCs to control his other ships. 5. Include other merchant NPC ships to attack, trade with or board/capture and landsmen with towns and villages to attack or trade with make it feel like a inhabited world. 6. A proper economy where people can sell/buy items globally. Possibly using the exchange systems in the larger towns. (see serial 5) 7. Probably the most important one. The fuc*ing game must be globally linked, this zones shit is like playing Everquest again. The world should be a single linked and seamless world with global communications and seamless vision and travel. Constantly wondering if this zone is going to be the one with a Red Galleon to run into or where you loose your current ship to a synchronisation error is absolutely unacceptable. For the sake of those in the game who have put up with this shit for so long please start to treat this like a business and stop treating it like a Sunday afternoon project.
  9. Keep trying thats how the game rolls now
  10. Yeh tried everything seems to be no way back on.
  11. E4 still down, not even appearing on the Join a server screen as a possible join location.
  12. As far as I can see they are doing no different to what you are, they are just more intelligent. Your village serves no purpose other than to block other players from having a little space to build and satisfy your greed, and their structure does the same. You are probably going to now cry about how its your island and you were here first. Sorry don't care in this game each player has the right to build what they can, where they can if you don't like it.......
  13. Seriously, go out and do a load of dives, put some ballista on the back and get into Artic waters and kill some whales and you will very quickly get the money to build a Brig, Which has loads of room to place a full set of crafting kit. But remember the more you carry the slower you sail. That is the main reason crafting is best left on shore. I love using my schooner as a exploratory scout ship I keep it light as possible and head for a zone I have not yet visited and visit every Island and do every dive on the way. It performs really well in this. It is not suited for heavy carrying it is slowed to much by weight which makes it incredibly vulnerable to ships of the Damned as it is is very fragile.
  14. If anything it has got much worse it truly is impossible at the moment. The rubber banding was not allowing any progress at all, couldn't access containers or open doors. Time to give up, just don't know if I can be bothered with this shit anymore.
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