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  1. You can set Governance. put your tribe into groups. This will allow them to only open boxes within their governance
  2. After seeing the NPC's can play whatever songs you give them, I now want to be able to compose my own sheet music and have the npc play it.. maybe a blank sheet and the ability to make it a song sheet and just type the notes onto it.
  3. I agree with this. whats the point in having a crew repair only the base ship. They shoukd repair all structures attached to the ship too
  4. unsure whether its been mentioned previous. But i need a cargo rack struck for Base. So ships can sail in, drop their flotsam and i can hoise it onto my base platform. And Vice verser. I think this would be an awsome addition and i can only presume most players would agree
  5. I have been playing this on xbox now for a few days and cannot help but notice how quickly and how far away the damned ships begin to attack. i was on a sloop and sailed into a new zone only to be met by 3 different damned ships. As you can imagine with 3 ships firing cannons, my ship lasted no more than a few minutes. My suggestion is maybe make them a little more passive, so you'd have to be real close or engage in attacking them before they react and fire back
  6. Atlas the first game with Lag? You never played Ark Extinction? lol
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