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  1. Zayne

    Salted Meat/Fish Nutritional Info?

    I never got a buff from normal food like berries and cooked meat. TC was Talking About that and not the real cooked stuff (that is something else, that stuff I take on journeys with me)
  2. Zayne


    You can rant servers for quite some time now Check the advertising section, lots of Nitrado hostet servers
  3. Zayne

    Salted Meat/Fish Nutritional Info?

    Wow, you guys really look into what you eat in that game? I just look what needs to be pushed and just eat a random amount xD
  4. Zayne

    pvp PVP Blackwood with boosted stats

    Nitrado had a massive Problem and we had to reinstall the game Which resulted in a wipe of Course, very sorry to everybody that lost everything. As a result (it was way to boring tbh) we changed to PVP Rules are in the Discord (Raids only allowed on Weekends, on weekdays People can prepare and repair)
  5. Zayne

    Fix the weight exploit!

    You realise that this game is still in Early Access and therefore not finished and has a lot of Bugs and glitches? It even tells you that before you buy it and it tells you that in the main menu. Yes, it is annoying AF but that´s what we basically signed up for, we are testers for this game and therefore we have to live with those bugs until they are fixed.
  6. Zayne

    Xbox FaQ

    Maybe you can help me with my question, Google didn´t help at all. I´m playing on the Blackwood map on a Nitrado hosted Server and I´m trying to get the achievement for killing a blue whale. I killed like 10 the last days but all of them were sperm whales. So my Question is, is there a blue whale on the Blackwood map or can I stop searching and wasting time? Same Question for the squid and Kraken (I doubt the Kraken is on it cause we have the Hydra?) Kinda sad that I had to cheat the Explorer Achievement (well, one of the 2) cause we don´t get discovery points on Blackwood but those 250% movement increase when encumbered is too good not to have xD
  7. Zayne

    Anchored ships should not sink

    I don´t get why there is no offline raid protection. Just make it so when someone logs off while in a fight, the ORP timer gets set to 1hour. That way there is no "haha I just log off and you can´t do anything to my stuff", 1h is more than enough to raid an unprotected base or ship. Hell, make it 2hours or 3hours. Griefing will never be fun in any game so devs should take that shit seriously and do something about it or they will lose a lot of players just like in Ark!
  8. Zayne

    Fix the weight exploit!

    Is that really in the game yet or a "will come in a future patch" state? I know it´s implemented for overcrowded (my ship was overcrowded with npcs at one Point and I had a message popping up telling me that my ship will sink if I´ll raise the Anchor) That would solve the problem tho
  9. Zayne

    pvp PVP Blackwood with boosted stats

    You did already You put your head into our Guillotine and my Buddy chopped your head off lol He felt bad about it all day xD Glad you like the Server, just upped the time to mid December and will up again for more time soon.
  10. Zayne

    A$$hole crew

    Try LB+Down on the Dpad on xbox (must be on steering Wheel). That should make them not do anything anymore lol Never had that problem, my crew only fires when I tell them to. But if they would start such stuff...…...well…...we have a Guillotine for a reason lol
  11. Zayne

    Who is (123) player, please answer.

    Xbox only Servers...…..yea right...….with a max of what, 200 People on a 40k server? lol Those Servers would be wastelands TC don´t act like PC Players are Cancer. I´m an xbox Player myself and I welcomed the crossplay. So many PC Players that had the game before us and can help answering Questions, Show you how to start and so on. Just because you think those Players are cheaters doesn´t mean they are. You will find douchebags on both sides, the same as you will find cool Players on both sides.
  12. Zayne

    Cannons npc xbox

    Hold X to close them, press X to open
  13. Zayne


    Wait, so the intelligence stat is for better crafting? I thought that stat only lowers the cooldown of feats. Respec here I come lol