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  1. Wow, that shit is still not fixed? Glad I dropped that game like a hot potatoe
  2. Feedback only works if it is seen and heard. Not the case here and honestly this company is full of scummy people that just want your money and then run away with it. Proven here by not even posting that they are aware of the problem. A community lead manager not doing his Job...…… Well, back to Citadel where the developers speak to their community and are open for discussions even tho they are a much smaller Team and have way less Money, yet providing a better game with way better support.
  3. Just so guys know, I´m tagging the lead community manager for 2 weeks in that Topic now without any word We are reaching a point where it is a freaking joke now, is it really that hard to post on their own Forum to their community?
  4. In Singleplayer is just cheat the stuff back I lose due to glitches and Bugs lol Best cheat: cheat gfi cheatbox 1 0 0 That box is so good if you want to build and don´t want to farm stuff
  5. Only way to do them is Looking at them in your inventory and be lucky you see what Island it is. Then get to that Island and put the map in your hotbar without Looking at it so you get the beacon. Walk the whole Island and hope you find the spot. Tedious but at least a way to get blueprints and gold
  6. Very good points you made in your posts! Especially the point that lower Level players are immediately at a disadvantage against higher Level Players. Of Course some would argue that the higher Level Player gain nothing from raiding lower Level players and therefore don´t raid them but the reality is that a lot of douchebags are playing those type of games and their only fun is stomping low level Players. We stopped playing official after one week of hardcore grinding (we had a week of vacation) and losing everything while offline in 2hours. EVERYTHING, every ship, Building, tame and loot we had. This is just nuts.
  7. They got our money already...…..that´s why they ignore us
  8. Feels like it. Now that they collected the Money from the xbox Players they couldn´t care less it seems……. Classic Wildcard move now just sailing under a different flag
  9. There should be a auto-Decay timer on it
  10. Everybody that thought this game would not get through the exact same treatment with Bugs and glitches like Ark did has no common sense. It´s basically the same People that did Ark, they are still not really good at programming let alone setting priorities right. What they look for the most is MONEY and not Fixing their product It´s sad and a shame but I for myself just accepted it and deal with whatever bug I encounter. I knew when I bought Atlas what I was getting into so for me the frustration is minimal cause honestly I even expected more gamebreaking Bugs. I would love if Grapeshot would prove me wrong and fix everything before asking for more Money because DLCs will come and they won´t be free but I doubt it
  11. Well, there is fasttravel in the game...….just not for ships (which makes sense, nobody would sail anymore to save time and don´t have to fight) They could give a a new ship type, a very fast one that can´t have cannons on it! Maybe that would help those People that don´t like sailing in a pirate game
  12. Oh man that is sad to hear. Seems to be a singleplayer bug/glitch, I don´t Play singleplayer I have a Nitrado server rented and so far the crew shoots when they should Hope a patch will solve your issues and you can Play without that frustration
  13. Unseat the NPC, walk him over to the cannon you want him to use, hold Y "use cannon" AFAIK there is no quickswitch option on xbox (only to put them on another ship that is close)
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