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  1. its lag city on islands in n6 and n8 lot of structures one one or more islands
  2. gemini five i haven't gone to n8 yet some company's set up shop in that area with claims which generate a red circle i was asking if i could still harvest resources on islands owned by company's
  3. i want farm in section N8 but the islands have a red circle around them can still harvest resources from those islands
  4. raikonis

    please help my boat construction

    are you playing official server pve or unofficial pve server last i check other players can't attack other players in pve server can you re explain what's happening
  5. raikonis

    blackwood render issues

    i tried playing blackwood map on xbox one and the render focus keeps going in and out and sometimes crash
  6. raikonis

    Nube Issue

    same here its kinda boring in singleplayer
  7. raikonis

    your first sloop its emergency ladder

    thanks i think its because the emergency ladder is in same location as the anchor
  8. raikonis

    your first sloop its emergency ladder

    the emergency ladder is buggy couldn't climb up at all even jumping to the ladder and hit y to climb didn't work it's a freshly spawned sloop spawned by the vender after you have enough material
  9. raikonis

    blackwood map render issues

    problem: the blackwood map goes in and out of render focus making the map blurred compared to on pc