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  1. ChakramPrincess

    animals dead

    Lost all of my tames. Right now this game can rot and die unless they replace what was lost.
  2. ChakramPrincess

    download stuck

    My update is also stuck at 79.7%. There's nothing wrong with my internet as other game updates have downloaded just fine. I don't want to restart the update as it is Saturday night and I would like to finish building my ship with my company. EDIT: It has now resumed downloading. The only thing you can do is wait for it to start up again.
  3. Hi. I'm a new xbox player with a base in G10. I was wondering what would a bear or two cost me?
  4. Another fix is but not the quickest is to log out then log back in.
  5. ChakramPrincess

    Atlas Causing Xbox One X To Overheat

    Problem: Xbox One X shuts down while playing Atlas for 5+ hours due to overheating. Since I've been playing Atlas on my Xbox One X, the console has shutdown twice due to it overheating. This has never been an issue until I started playing Atlas. I also play a majority of my xbox games through the Xbox PC app and none of those has ever caused the xbox to overheat and shutdown. It seems like Atlas pushes the console more than most games do. Note: I do live in Australia and the weather is warmer here right now but shouldn't have anything to do with it as it doesn't happen while running other games for hours such as Ark.