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  1. After playing pvp for some time and being raided and attacked by several boats , i noticed that blueprints are everything on the game. and blueprints cannot be completed easily unless you are on a clan with a lot of active players. top clans control the areas where mythical creatures spawn and by instance they have the best gear and level ,ive seen a mythical galleon full of people raid a base and take damage from ,50 mortars and more than 300 direct hits ,and still be able to sink all of their anchored ships and leave. To some this is perfectly normal , but honestly this is out of balance , being abke to replace so many planks also deems fights unrealistic , and always to the disadvantage of lower level players. Im not saying is the fault of the big clans. There is just need of a balance , limit of planks that can be used per time . Or the amount of resources you can take per boat class. Maybe make blueprints not require materials to craft. that way new players can actually have good things rather than just certain groups of players that can play and farm all day. Luck should always be a factor on a game. Not only farm. Farm. farm. more than a salty comment this is a way to express that a change is needed, i am sure after a while only large clans will prevail and new or lonely players will be eventually pushed to pve and eventually leave the game. but it always looks bad for the new players who dont have a chance , on a game there should always be a luck factor, it kinda feels bad when someone can control your fate with the snap of their fingers.
  2. back on the day During the peak of times of piracy, the most used ships used by pirates used to be schooners and sloops due to the speed they had compared to their larger counterparts. the balance was perfect .... having a heavier armor and guns would mean you would be a lot slower than a lighter boat. Thr game is completely wrong when it comes to terms of sailing, more sails dont mean more speed... Make sloops and schooners faster. For a more balance PVP experience and the slowest of them all should be the largest ships. How can a galleon outspeed a sloop? Thats just inacurate. make sloops unable to carry that many canons maybe but make them fast. More suitable for boarding.
  3. Is there a way to find out which clans are the largest per server? Specially NA. Thank you.
  4. I have a friend from xbox and i play from pc, can i host a game on my pc and have him join from his xbox?
  5. Replace the ships of the damned with merchant ships. it has more sense for a mechant ship to be on the water than a paranormal ships all over the place. Make the ship of the damn more rare to find. more historically accurate. Per say. Just replace the name and the looks. Leave same mechanics. And make actual ship of the damned more rare and difficult. Since they do look intimidating. Just a opinion.
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