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  1. Have news is always something good. Most of the things that will be implement will make the game better, but at least there are 2 that i think will really damage again the gameplay, what means, reduce even more the active players: Removed Gold drops from Kraken, Squids, Army of the Damned Soldiers, fishing, and digging. The trade system will become the way to earn gold This for a mega is not a problem, they will be even more powerfull. The problem is all this small companies that survive with treasure, killing some ships, or fishing. You can try to balance the different ways of finding gold, but if you remove the gold from all the actual sources and only let trade system you will kick all small companies from the game. Added Gold cost for crafting Ships in a Shipyard Schooner: 50 Gold Brigantine: 250 Gold Galleon: 500 Gold NOTE: These costs will increase when the trade system has been fully implemented Linked with the previous concern, this means that mega have no impact, but the small tribes will notice it, specially if you remove their actual income system, and you force them to fight vs megas for controling sea forts. Changed delay before using newly placed land artillery to 10 minutes This affects Cannons, Large Cannons, Catapults, Puckles, Ballistas, Mortars, and Swivel Guns I like this change, but clearly is missing another action linked to this change. That was the only counter against barrelbombing, this barrelbombing that 95% of your community hate, that have push-out most of your community, and you keep going on it (braindeath?). So know removing the only defense that was the insta catapult, you make it even worst. So again, please hear you community, remove the barrelbombing from cannons and catapults, and let us play. Barrels are the worst item on this game, because you are not able to balance it. Maybe you have a great roadmap thinking on megas, or in your idea of game, when clearly you are not playing it. Hear your community, and dont kick more players because you take stupid decissions that kill a part of the population. This patch if goes out with this points that i have highlighted, will empty a bit more this game, and will kick most of the small companies, that today survive on this barrelbombing game.
  2. The answer is be a settler. There are a quite a lot of companies that accept settlers, and is a nice way to play like small company
  3. +1 Just happend to me. I died, try to appears in new bed and White screen, my char was goneā€¦..
  4. Good morning, There is a bug on this game that make you lost experience after dying in the Freeport. Is the second time that this happend to me, and another guy in my tribe had the same issue. In attach you have the picture with my actual experience and lvl. We are quite sure that happend when you die on the water in a Freeport. Best regards.
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