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  1. Shadow Wolfe

    Unclaiming pirate npc

    Another fix is a pistol shot between the eyes.
  2. Shadow Wolfe

    Inventory folder tips

    You can move it, it just won't stick when you leave the inventory. You have to just remake all the folders below it.
  3. Shadow Wolfe

    Do the silos not work for single player

    I don't think they work on SP, I'm guessing there may be a mod that fixes it, but can't verify it. Not sure the resource boxes work on land either, at least, not if you leave crew on the land and expect them to get paid by it. Had extra crew based on land but they tended to be in mutiny everytime I returned even though there was a resource box with gold in it placed in the same room as the NPCs. I do know that resource boxes will lose stored resources if left on land and you cross a zone. They lose items even while on the ship you're using as well, just not as much. And it doesn't lose the items completely, but will routinely leave you with just 1 of said item when you may have had 10000 the night before. Same with cannonballs. At least, on SP, you can cheat in the missing stuff using the Admin commands.
  4. Shadow Wolfe


    Has happened to me, specially after a haitus from playing, will log back in and my whole ship is gone and everything is in the water. Think it happens when Atlas makes changes and the mod designers have to catch up to the changes that are affected by their mods. Used to use Reinforced, but too many times I lost ships because they didn't keep in track with the updates. Usually when that happens, I have to start over. But on the plus side, I know how to build a decent Brig now, which is basically the only ship I use in SP. I design it to be multipurpose, 6 guns front, 13 rear, 11 broadsides, 5 sails (modded). Have space to keep a few tames, mainly bears and lions, and space to add ballistas when I make it to whale country. I use the sails that add weight capacity to the ship so that I can carry everything with me since anything you leave on land probably will disappear once you cross a zone, so you can't really have a land base to go back to or store stuff. I don't make extra ships because, again, when you leave the zone and come back, it may be missing panels and sink before you can get to it. Has happened to me several times, and now I just use one ship, and that ship has to be multipurpose. Galleon is too big and maneuvers like a slug, the schooner just a bit too small, so Brig it is
  5. Shadow Wolfe


    Been playing SP on Ocean, and the Discoveries aren't working at all. You only get the initial discovery point for first step on the Island and your first whale kill, but that's all I have come across so far. Can't seem to trigger the small discoveries/interesting locations, even for the ones I know are there.
  6. Shadow Wolfe

    Game items that make you go WTF?

    Haven't gotten into the cooking/farming aspect, so don't know if this is a workaround to the water to the grill deal. Have tried to irrigate a grill before, and it is a pain, specially if the reservoir is quite a distance away, trying to run the damn pipes is a pain, and looks ridiculous when you are done. Fortunately, you don't get clipped by the pipes, but still looks bad. Only wanted the irrigated grill to make paints easier, since I pretty much paint everything. Well, when I finally got it irrigated, I found that its not a constant flow, so you could only make like 15 paints at a time, then had to wait for the refill. My workaround to this was to make 10 water jars, fill them up, place them in the grill, then can make 100 paints at a time.
  7. Shadow Wolfe

    Non functioning silo

    I play SP, so the silos don't work anyhow. I tested it awhile back and when I had NPCs on the land, they would still go into mutiny even with food and gold in a Silo that I put right by where I parked the NPCs. I then put a Resource Box in the same room with them and they would still go into mutiny. Basically, I have developed many workarounds for the tedious bugs that seem to be rampant and kill gameplay. But most of the workarounds require that I limit my exposure in the game, which is not a good workaround. In order to not lose crew, I only have enough crew to man the one ship I am sailing. I don't make other ships because if you leave a ship in a zone, it may not be there when you come back. I don't build a lot for the same reason, things disappear whenever you leave the zone. Can't leave resources on the land, they disappear as well. You have to basically carry everything with you when you go anywhere, So I have to use mods to increase the carry weight of my ship so I can carry all the resources and tames I have collected. I have to cheat in what resources and equipment that is lost in between logins. Every time I log in, I have to go to each crew member and take off their armor, then re-equip them, if I don't, their armor 'bleeds' away and disappears, and you have to remake the armor pieces that disappear. Can be a tedious process if you have a lot of crew, but gives me the chance to increase their health points. Before I log out, I have to take all items on my character and put them into a chest, and then go and keep a count of all my resources so that I know how much came up missing the next time I log in. Although, I don't lose resources every time. Sure hate it when I check the ammo crate and find that I am only left with 1 cannon ball after leaving 1200 in it the night before. You know, if they would just fix a bunch of these little issues, then the big issues would probably sort themselves out. For some reason, the saving process that occurs when you log out somehow tends to get corrupted cause it can't keep track of what items you have stored in the different locations. Other games don't seem to have this problem.
  8. I play SP on a computer and have experienced this quite frequently on several play throughs. Its got to the point that I only keep one ship and store all my stuff on it. No point in keeping multiple ships because if you cross a zone and come back, it is usually sunk or missing parts. I am constantly having to replace items that come up missing every time I log in, like pistol bullets, cannon balls, resources from the resource box. Generally I note all that I have on the ship before logging out, then I just cheat in whatever comes up missing. Back when I was playing with a group on a PVE/PVP server, I believe this issue also existed. But at the time, we thought that the items that came up missing were because other members of the group were "Stealing". It created a negative environment inside the group where half the members didn't trust the other half. Now, I believe it is just a bug in the shifty save file, either the server does not create a decent save space, or the save file gets corrupted somehow during the saving process. Cause its not always the same resources that come up missing, it can be a bunch of gold on one log in, or cannonballs on the next log in or any myriad of resources. I don't even keep track of my food stores since food is easily available, but some of the other stuff is difficult to amass and there is no safe place to store it while you're trying to acquire the locations to other mats you may need for the different blueprints. On one play-through, I had made a Mythical Brig, or at least, the main parts of the ship, hull and panels were Mythical, was working to do all the interior stuff as well. Well, the blue print only has so many hull pieces that can be made, so I made extra to store in case I needed to replace a panel during a heated battle. And guess what, the panels disappeared on one of my log-ins. Very frustrating, took many hours of searching and acquiring the resources to make the blueprinted items just to have them disappear, and I don't know the cheat codes to bring those items back. I know its only SP, but the game should still work decently by now.
  9. Shadow Wolfe

    Ships need a revamp

    Gotta admit though, I like how I designed my 42 gun war brig though, it kinda utilizes armor and functionality. 11 broadside guns, 13 rear deck, and 8 to the front. Could add another 5 guns to the broadside, but those spots will be reserved for the ballistas when I start heading into the northern zones. But yer right, the ship kinda resembles a floating hotel with guns, or maybe an armed cruiseliner of sorts, But it is home away from home, well, you really don't have a home other than the ship on SP anyway. And I couldn't build a ship like mine on officials since I use different mods that increase the build structures on the ship. But I have a crew quarter section, an officer quarter section, a privy with a bathtub, a crew mess, plus the bottom deck is for all the storage. I have to use a mod that allows the ship to carry more weight than normal because you can't build blueprinted items without a lot of different mats, and the game tends to eat the mats you collect if you try to leave it at a base, and then leave the zone to go collect more. You have to find workarounds for the unfunctionality of the coding, and my workaround is to carry all the mats I collect with me on one ship. And even then I often find that I am missing stuff that I've collected. I had about 10 extra mythical gunports I had in my repair chest in case I lost a gunport I could replace it on the fly, well, the game ate them, so I had to make regular gunports since I had run out of mats to make more mythicals, and the game ate those as well. Every time I log in I have to make more.
  10. Think I figured out why my ship sank. Was building another boat at my base, which is in a inlet cove in a tundra grid, and there are blue whales around. Apparently, while building a galleon, I get the music sounding and I look up in my bay and theres a whale trying to swim under my dock. Didn't think they would swim that close to land but they do. So the whales must of damaged my schooner at some point while I was away since it was parked inside the dock that the whale was swimming under. Fortunately, my whaling sloop parked nearby in a small ship dock was undamaged, was able to jump on it and put that whale down, along with his brothers that were swimming close by. Guess I'm gonna have to put up a jetty across my inlet to keep the whales out. Its deep water across there so it might take awhile and a lot of stone walls. Don't know yet if it can be done
  11. Shadow Wolfe

    Non-dedicated server

    Tried the Non dedicated on PC one time, its pointless. The server, which is tied to the computer that created it must be on and the host, which is you have to be logged in for the other members to be able to play. And the tethering aspect is a pain, none of the members on the server can stray too far from the host, you all have to stay in the same area. Didn't like that aspect, kind of limits what you can do.
  12. Shadow Wolfe

    Ship parts disappearing

    Yep, happened to me, took my brig to gather mats from other grids, left my sloop and schooner anchored on an Island I took over. Returned to drop off some stuff and noticed the schooner was sinking. Rushed over and it was missing some planks, was able to replace them in time and drained the water. Before leaving on my next trip, I placed a crew member on the boat, as well as one on the sloop, even though the sloop did not show any signs of wear. Left again. This time when I got back, I saw the schooner sink inside the shipyard that I had anchored it in. The crew member was swimming. So got the crewmember onto the brig and went to demolish the schooner to clear the shipyard area. I noticed it was missing 3 planks and 7 of the 10 cannons. I've also noticed that I am losing materials that I have farmed as well, and crew members start losing armor pieces. The sloop, which was anchored in another nearby ship yard did not show any signs of wear, but the crew member I left on her lost all his armor and was sweeping in his skivvies, No point in wasting time collecting stuff anymore if the game can't save what you collected. Every time I log in I check to see what is missing, cause I keep notes on what I've collected and what I still need to get, and am constantly finding things missing, 13k stacks of wood took quite awhile to collect, and you have to go far afield to get certain materials. I'm done doing that now, will just cheat in what I need. Dismantle all but one ship that I am using because the extras will just melt away before you get back and just sail around in a brig or galleon, mythical of course....or at least with what mythical blueprints I have collected so far.
  13. Shadow Wolfe

    Bow does zerzo damage to damned

    I just use my pet dragon, can do multiple maps at the same time, Dragon is also good for taking out SODs, just takes along time to burn them down though, at least some of them. Have to sit hovering for long periods of time to rebuild stamina sometimes, but still doable. Don't even need a ship if you have a dragon..haha, but I have a brig outfitted with a platform on top for the dragon to sit on while I am sailing around. I thought of just using a Schooner or Sloop and just have the dragon follow me everywhere I go, but it only works if you stay in the same grid, dragon won't follow if you port, it has to be on the ship to port with you. So the Brig has plenty of space to cart around the dragon......
  14. Then maybe you can explain to me why my Schooner up and sank while playing singleplayer. I took over an island, killed all the pirates, although I haven't cleared the other islands in the grid yet, but I set up a base and shipyards, I parked my Schooner and my Sloop there, then went out in my Brig to gather mats from other regions. Came back to drop off some of my collections and my anchored schooner was showing to be sinking, I rush over and its missing planks, don't know how it lost them, it just did. I repaired it and drained all the water. Before leaving on my next jaunt, I placed one crew member on the boat and left. Upon my return, the schooner up and sank before I could dock, for no reason, it was anchored inside a large shipyard, protected, nothing underneath it. During my demolishing of the sunken ship I noticed it was missing 7 of my 10 cannons, although all the 12 ballistas were still present. So does things decay on singleplayer, and if so, then why did my Sloop, which was anchored near the Schooner not lose planks and sink for no reason, from what I can tell, there is no damage at all to the sloop, and it is parked inside a small shipyard.
  15. Shadow Wolfe

    disable WPE after playing single player

    Once you figure out the workarounds for the bugs associated with WPEs,, they really aren't so bad. I've figured out how and why some of the bugs are created and try to prevent a lot of the issues. Basically, if you take over all the camps on an island without logging out or better yet, not CTDing, then most of the bugs will be prevented. What happens when you log out before completely taking over the island is that when you log back in the game super imposes another pirate camp on top of the one that was there in the save file. Any ships associated with that camp will be respawned as well, so if you took the ship out first, then proceeded to the camp, you will have to fight it again upon logging in. So, things are doubled at the camps, and when you finally take the flag, you are only able to raise one of the 2 flags, which only makes one of the camps yours, while the other camp is still locked to you because you can't raise their flag to claim it. In those cases, I use the admin controls and make the camp mine. Its simple, look at an item, a wall or door that is yellow, meaning it doesn't belong to you, hit the tilde key and type givetome, then you can interact with that object, either demolish it or whatever. Only problem with that is that you have to do that with each piece of the pirate camp, which can take a considerable amount of time. Or you can just add yourself to the faction and I guess that would make the whole camp yours, haven't tried that aspect yet. The real glitches occur if you CTD during the taking over of an island. I've had issues where there were 3 camps super imposed on each other, and I had to fight a galleon that had no sails, or at least, no sails on top of the ship, when I went to demolish the wreck for the resources I found the sails had spawned in reverse, they were on the bottom of the ship. Made it easy killing the ship since it couldn't maneuver and just sat in one place while I pounded it with about 300 cannon balls. I didn't care. I demolish the wrecks and use those resources to repair my ships and make other stuff with, because you can't use those resources for any blueprints, and all the other stuff I farm during my gathering trips is stored off the ship at my base, to be used when I get enough stuff for my mythical or legendary ship that I will build when I get enough resources farmed.