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  1. and warehouses only stack to 1k. I am not sure if that is intended.
  2. Did someone forget to flip the switch before they left for the night yesterday?
  3. I believe that the map expiration timer in the bottle starts ticking when it is created. if you pick up an empty bottle it is because it has sat there longer than the map had left.
  4. Pin codes for shared warehouses are not working is anyone else having this problem?
  5. I like to ride the crows nest when sailing we need a straight climb on all sail options, handling is the best speed sails I tend to fall off when I am in a hurry. is there a better way to get to the top?
  6. This issue seemed to be resolved I am able to connect and use items in E10. Thanks, Mac
  7. as soon as I loose all my stuff because I can't connect to my server I am done.
  8. E10 that is only if I try to log in on that server once I get in I cannot activate doors or look in inventory. the only way to feed my pets and pay my crew is kill my self, change my home server kill my self again and res in E10 at a bed. I can log in no problem on other servers. I submitted a ticket last week. This is getting stupid!
  9. IF we could play the game we wouldn't be complaining so much. I understand its beta but when battle eye kicks you and you have to use tricks to get logged back in its very frustrating.
  10. The last one leaving the Atlas support office please turn out the lights.
  11. I tried to find where I can report this. NA PVE E10 server needs some maintenance. if I log out there its a crap shoot whether I can log back in on that server, if I do get logged in I can't bring up my inventory or open any doors. I have spent hours the past few trying to log on to just to maintain Animals and Crew. What I have found that works some times First thing that works is not logging out on E10. Second, if I did log out or got disconnected on E10 I have to kill myself and change my home server then kill my self again to travel back to one of my beds in E10 hoping I don't loose connection or I will have to start this process over again. This is our main base and we put a lot of effort into it. Any suggestions or tips? Better yet where can I notify team about this?
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