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  1. Looks towards the ladder and "whistle follow one" lowers them, and "Whistle Stop one" raises them.
  2. Ha! After discovering this glitch yesterday (Singleplayer), I was sailing and got rammed by a whale. My boat practically exploded. Top deck of my schooner was destroyed, and all structures on the lower deck were destroyed (I was just surrounded by the bags with their remains). My entire base was my boat and all my worldly possessions were on board. As I stood there while it sunk, it occurred to me. 'where was my bookshelf!". I look over and see a bag lying where my bookshelf used to be. I run over, open it, grab a map and hit 'equip'. The game predictably crashes. I load the game back up, fingers crossed, and lo and behold, I load up about 1 minute before my run in with the giant beast. I suppose this one time, I'm grateful for the glitch. But now can it be fixed please, lol. In the meantime, always carry a map with you, in case something goes wrong (in singleplayer).
  3. Yep, happening here. Blackwood, singleplayer, cannot view a treasure map. It doesn't even have to be in my hotbar. I generally check them out initially by hitting the Right Trigger on the map in my inventory and that also causes it to crash. Cannot view them at all... Haven't tried on the official ocean server yet, as I've been messing around in single player for a few days. Edit: I'm on Xbox
  4. Necro, but same issue. I've played many hours, and have never seen a single fish yet (Xbox). Haven't searched ponds a lot, but nothing in the oceans at all. Will try Dino wipe.
  5. When I try and change the firing groups I'm able to activate and deactivate the left side but nothing happens on the right side at all. Edit: I've never messed with firing groups before (I just leave the default, everyone active I presume?). Testing the groups, when I select "left" I see the "left" button flash on screen everytime I hit it. When I select "right" nothing happens. It doesn't flash or light up or whatever. Interestingly this is also true on my steering wheel, although again, the actual shooting works just fine on the right. Weird.
  6. I wondered about positioning too, but mine is definitely center, or seems to be perfectly centered anyways. My steering wheel is centered (and fully functional) and the podium is directly in front of it.
  7. As the title says, with a boat fully manned with NPC's, I can't shoot the cannons from the right side of my boat from the podium, only the left cannons. It's not an issue with the crew or cannons as it works fine from the steering wheel. I happen to be on Xbox, but I had a teammate who's on PC try and he had the same issue. Is there some sort of setting I could be missing, or should I report this in the bug section? Thanks.
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