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  1. Same all fixed on that part.
  2. Just had an update today on xbox. Now when i look at my map its black. If i look at it in the menu its also black. And game crashes.
  3. Hello. Friend of mine is having trouble with his private server he perchased on xbox. We all joined up and found there are no animals anywhere in wich to get hides & meats from. Looking for suggestions as to what's wrong or if anybody ells has come across this problem. We can't find the setting that may have effected this. Or if its an actual bug. And if that's the case it can get fixed. The PC guys are all high level on official and they are crushing us xbox noobs especially with the low fps bug. Haha
  4. I found i had this problem right away in game. I would just pull out any hand held object and hit left trigger as if i were aiming (note you don't actually aim) or even swing then left trigger. And while still holding object try the map again and the camra mode stopped. Worked using the hatchet first time. Got the idea when i read sombody had a bow and aimed it to make the problem stop. How ever i was too low level to make a bow yet. So aimed my hatchet haha.
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