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  1. Atlasexplorerer

    Bug: Ship wreck too deep in sand

    This happens to about 1/4 of ones I come across.
  2. Atlasexplorerer

    Shipped rolled over and wrecked

    Hi A friend and I were sailing around O10 on our schooner when we sailed onto some shallow waters. We turned around to get back off this shallow area and boom, the ship seemed to have got sucked into the little island and wrecked the ship. I was AFK at the time(why my character wasn’t moving) and ran back to the TV when I heard the sound of our boat taking damage. I got there just in time to see the boat roll over and get obliterated. We just finished the boat about an hour before the wreck and felt sick but also couldn’t stop laughing at this unfortunate event. Not sure if this has ever happened to anyone else, but it was sure a sad day. Server: Kraken PVP Official Time: Around Nov 26, 7:38pm Eastern Location: O10 - Long:89.13 Lat:-22.11 Video: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1vNgUlmmfeN1aUWGyCc8PdHAvz4MH8aJC
  3. Atlasexplorerer

    your first sloop its emergency ladder

    If you pull in too shallow, the back ladder tends not to work. As patsman60 said, just attach a side ladder.
  4. Atlasexplorerer

    Mics working for anyone on Xbox?

    My company and I who are all on xbox are having issues as well. The mics seem to be working intermittently. Ive yet to figure out a work around.
  5. Atlasexplorerer

    elephant can't tame

    Just happened with us as well. Tried a couple elephants with potatoes and chili.
  6. Atlasexplorerer

    Map mesh broken

    Second boat sunk on another island in direct response to map broken. Our ship started levitating and jittering and sunk within about 2 seconds. Visually the the water was deep and not shallow, we were. It is the exact same thing that happened as in the prior post. Both boats were sloops going less than half speed
  7. Atlasexplorerer

    Map mesh broken

    Hi, I recently created a boat, then shorty after, it sunk, partly due to a map mesh issue. There is an invisible "ground" that the boat hit. When a player gets on top of this invisible ground, it also jitters the screen and your character sometimes fast moves and hovers above the water. I can reproduce this every time. Upon death, I was also not able to pick up my items over this area. I'd prefer not to publicly share island info, but am open to a direct message.