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    {FGN} Is an iconic Gaming community that is resurfacing from the depths, 3 years ago we disbanded our community and merged with another gaming network however... We are now back up, off the ground and off to a running start. We have already formed a Global Alliance and work closely in hand with Black Hole" another gaming network. {FGN} stands for First in, Last out Gaming Network and we span over several different games. Since coming to atlas a few months ago we have grown and expanded to a reasonable size and are now looking to bring new members into our community. If you are interested in joining we are on Kraken's Grasp American PvP server and you can find me by adding me on discord at {FGN}Athena#0618 if you add me please shoot me a brief description stating that you are an atlas player and interested in joining our group. Currently our in game membership in company sits at over 30 members we are already fully established and looking for more players to join in exploring content and taking the fight to the seas. Lets swashbuckler together.

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