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  1. Those last few points being made are pretty accurate.. Its not fun going on offical pvp servers and getting wiped constantly, or getting wiped once.. after putting in mad hours to make tech/metal massive bases.. thats why i dont play on official servers.. You'd be amazed at how much more fun it is to play on private servers. just my opinion of course. I even find unoffical pvp have danger as well.. just not as much or as often.. which is about the right amount for me. Also i hide my base.. play solo..or in very small groups.. so we don't stick out like a sore thumb. we seem to last wayy longer.. or never get wiped.
  2. older games also took less work, not as complicated programming, and were finished quicker and easier to fix as well.. Games , with time, are only getting more complicated and time consuming to make. Some dev teams nowadays are made up of multiple diff teams based in diff studios to make games for some AAA titles. Its an unfinished game.. in early access.. not everything is gonna work right.. Bugs may pop up as they continue to work on it.. old bug, new bugs.. glitches, etc. Its life with an early access uncompleted game... Im wowed at the number of ppl who just ignore that fact and expect it to work perfect...
  3. Wild Pirate Encampments give gold as well on singleplayer. Not quite as much as treasure maps, but a similar amount of gold that flotsom on the ocean(floating crates) gives you.
  4. i forget the button, but its the far right hotbar slot.
  5. thats not a bad idea.. and it would get ppl on the seas.. like the devs want more of
  6. Same.. been playing it every night after work and weekends since it dropped on xbox. So far, they have been updating it the same as pc.. to keep them at the same version basically. They said they are gonna stop doing the minor every other day fixes, and start doing larger ones that arent as often. Their roadmap kinda describes their future with the game releases/additions/fixes
  7. Ever since the game dropped on xbox, my ship structures have taken damage from sotd cannon balls. Walls, railings, ceilings, smithy, mortorpestle, table.. you name it.. They don't take massive damage.. the damage is spread around the area of impact like a shotgun blast.. so nothing is taking full concentrated fire but planks, but all the other structures are taking damage. I don't see why they would be indestructible..
  8. thats actually what the developers want.. more ocean time.. less land time. They mention that in their roadmap. I believe one of Arks new items in the upcoming dlc is a floating foundation... I also believe after that is implemented, it will be brought over to Atlas.. for ocean bases... Pure speculation.. but my belief
  9. using the full map? what do you mean? Singleplayer is the full map.. all grids. The discoveries don't work on the full map on single player other then the basic landfall island discoveries. After reading over this i just wanted to specify... The "full map" as in the Ocean map. Not Blackwood.. and i guess your talking about pc... i know on xbox the location discoveries don't work, but the island discoveries do.
  10. this. Just put all your crew on a station.. sails.. cannons, wheel.. then they wont "fix"(sweep animation) You shouldnt ever need anymore crew then that. 1 crew per sail, 1 per cannon, and 1 for wheel... then when you wanna fix in port, just use the wheel guy.. he's parttime anyways lol
  11. I play single player. Its mostly all i play on Ark too except i occasionly join an unofficial pc server when i want a ppl fix, and even then i dont see too many.. No lag... no issues with ppl and buildings and/or blocking.. i can fix most bugs with a quick admin command on singleplayer too. I change some settings to make solo more fun, like raise gather rates just a bit. As far as Atlas goes, get a bear, get a couple treasure maps, then use the coin to buy a crew. For late game, breed bears, and gets lots of mythic for legendary or mythical planks.
  12. K i think i got it.. i can do all that.. except.. How do you open all the cannon doors at once.. there has to be a button for that
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