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  1. Then what is the setting for if not tether range?? Cause its says max host tether distance on the option bar
  2. THEN DONT PLAY PVP. I hate this shit. Dont effin complain about stealing. Do you kniw what pirates did back then? They stole and looted and plundered? THATS THE WHOLE POINT OF THE GAME
  3. Oh i can play online but i prefer being abke to enjoy all 255 grids with my gf and her friends. I prefer that over the pvp aspect and the pve aspect with other players. Then we can explore everything and enjoy it all. I love this game and even if i cant modify the tether distance right now or play download it from windows 10 store on PC i will enjoy it with them any way i can. I do hope tether distance is increased or it shows up in xbox play anywhere but for now i enjoy it the way i can.
  4. Well when does the windows 10 version release cause i cant wait for it!
  5. I have questions regarding the tether range for the Xbox one, and more specificall for the Xbox One X. Modifying the base value I know only goes up to 8. What is the distance in game? Also I have discovered if I put an X in front of the number I.E X20 or x 20 that it wont reset the number down to 8. Is this actually gonna work if i were to enter X20 in increasing the range or will it auto adjust the value back to the original setting?
  6. I have noticed this issue as well. Idk if all encampents thatbspawn are made of stone but that also makes em hard/impossible to destroy until your leveled more and can just bring a ship to boom boom boom the buildings on the island your on. I have noticed there aim as well, it seems they follow your left thumbstick movements. The moment it moves they move which honestly makes it way easy to get em to shoot where i want then advance. But hopefully this issue is fixed. Idk if either of you even noticed it either but with there camps duplicating buildings and the way its working its almost impossible to take em over. ESPECIALLY WHEN THE PIRATES ARE LOCKED INSIDE THE BUILDINGS LMAO. i did figure out you can kinda cheese the ones locked inside if you have the 2 handded maul or if you use flame arrows you can burn em to death over time while they are trapped inside. If i see anything change ill repost something about it but im just hoping to be able to take encampents without it being layed in 2 to 3 stone walls. I wanna LOOT.
  7. I would also like clarification if this is coming to microsoft/xbox play anywhere support. I host a private server from my pc on ark and I would love this to happen with atlas cause right now the tethering is an issue. I can understand it but jeeeez.
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