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  1. Yeah we gave up in the end. Went back to a private nitrado ark server and then play official atlas. Despite how overcrowded the atlas servers are atm
  2. Nicoli613

    you cant drink and play in this game

    Can't say that needing food or water has killed me yet whilst sailing Just plan appropriate stopovers at islands to replenish resources.
  3. Hey Has anyone actually managed this on xbox? We have 1 server and 3 expansions to form a 2x2 grid. But anytime we try to cross into the next grid from our home one it just kicks us from the game, kills our character and makes us respawn once we re load atlas.
  4. Nicoli613

    Can't find sap, sugar etc. Where should I look?

    Seen any sugarcane around?
  5. Nicoli613

    Flags won't stay painted

    Found a slight workaround. Destroy the flag and replace it each time I log in, then re apply the saved paintscheme.... Not ideal but it works.
  6. Nicoli613

    So what did you do in Atlas today?

    Redesigned my sloop
  7. Anyone having the issue I am, eveytime I log into the server it makes me set up a new company and doesn't remember the one I created last time?
  8. Nicoli613

    handeling sails

    My sloop currently only has a handling sail... But that's more for aesthetics than anything haha She isn't a fast ship but hey I like how it looks and sailing into the wind is useful.
  9. I get this experience whether I want it or not as the map is permanently broken on my xbox server it seems. So we cant use it at all, and rely on remembering islands and routes
  10. Nicoli613

    So what did you do in Atlas today?

    Wondered if Kong was living nearby...
  11. Nicoli613

    Flags won't stay painted

    Anyone else had this issue? I made a cosmetic flag for atop my mast and it won't stay painted. Twice I've spent time painting it with my company's colours and both times when I logged back in the next day it was plain white again. I have saved the paint scheme as well, and when I go to upload the paint, it recognises the saved design, says I have enough dye on me but then I get loading failed all the time when I hit load?
  12. Nicoli613

    So what did you do in Atlas today?

    Finally left my home island to explore
  13. Nicoli613

    So what did you do in Atlas today?

    Logged on to finish painting my ships flag only to find it had reverted to plain white overnight and now would not accept any paint onto it
  14. Nicoli613

    MiniMap change after XBox Update

    I'd love to have this problem. We still don't even have a working mini map at all =(
  15. Nicoli613

    So what did you do in Atlas today?

    Stumbled across my mates schooner. Must have taken a while to paint black!