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  1. Like with the Gamepedia Button, in the menu, could it be an option to also disable the "Create New Pathfinder" button, by default, I see no reason to always be shown the button, when 99.99% of respawns end in it not being used. Instead of it being accidently clicked, make it a conscious decision with multiple steps, so you do not accidentally delete days/weeks/months of progress in an instant.
  2. I've done my fair share of fighting AotD from treasure maps before and after wipe. Often you go to the beam and the AotD spawn with no problem, and you can just start killing them. However it feels like that there is a fair amount of times where the AotD spawn underneath rocks, mountains, map placed structures etc. Some time it can be resolved by trying to resummon them a few times, but often you have to abandon the map due to the fact that you have no chance of getting through the mesh to kill them. I propose that treasure maps gets changed, and have an additional effect. You still collect them and go the the grid/mark the same as now, but instead of them instantly being summoned you make it a player action, maybe using E or the like while you have the map equipped, while on or very close to the beam, just a small radius, the AotD woukd then spawn on the player who "used" the map. This could resolve a lot of issues caused by having AotD spawning within mesh while players are just barely unable to reach them, and have the additional bonus of giving a chance if the beam happens to be on an enemy structure.
  3. With the newly added change to flag and addition of the silo having NPC on your island have become a lot easier, but I feel like there is a very essential part of the game that could benefit a lot from other additions, with the NPC as the focus. NPC resource workstation. Make them require placement on the ground, have a radius that prevents the same workstation (Company, Allied, or Enemy) from being placed, only the same one, not other variations. Make a variety of them, one for gathering wood/thatch, stone/metal and lastly fiber/berries, just to cover the very core resources Make them generate the "default" resource, same as you get when demolishing or on gathering on a Freeport. Make the NPC on the workstation require 1 gold every hour, making it extremely expensive compared to other NPC gold costs, and have it generate wood or thatch (using the above idea), have it generate 100 of the selected resource. Making it generate 100 times more in core resources than it costs in gold. Having something like this in the game that would reduce the common day race to gather the very essential resources you need for anything else, and would enable people to spend more time on other activities if so wished. It would still not remove manually farming for resources, even if one packed them as close to each other on an island as possible, then you would still need to farm for anything related to Blueprints, since the default resource do not count for them, and still farm for anything not covered by the workstation and maybe even just to farm more than the workstations can provide on a day to day basis. Even if introduced at an abysmal gold to resource rate, then it would reduce some of the mandatory farm whether you log in every day or only a few times a week. Resources would be sitting there waiting for you. If food, in a form what would be compatible with what the silo or flag can feed NPC, then it would even generate directly to the silo or flag to automatically sustain itself and its fellow NPC. The rates, and numbers I have mentioned are just to give an idea of how it could work, and I know that different stations, and resources would need to have different rates, to make them equally useful. I also realize it has been mentioned before in other posts, on different forums, but I wanted to give my take on it.
  4. Alpha Creatures I can understand the idea of having rare and powerful creatures roaming the islands, giving players a chance for good experience and an abundance of their normal materials, however at the moment, they seem way too powerful. They outright do obscene amount of damage compared to the members of their normal species, often killing you in one or two hits. The health they possess is so great that most weapons are effectively useless against them, and the only thing I've experience consistently works are fire arrows, and often a few of them. Always having to rely on the same tactic; Find the alpha, if it did not find you Make fire arrows Find a spot close to its location, where you can climb/jump an object it can not Bait the alpha there and then finally burn it to death. You can't really contest them in the open world, and this in combination with the fact that they spawn so frequently you can end up with multiple within the same view-distance just makes them tedious content. Suggestion I would love the scenario where, you encounter an alpha and experience a small sense of joy, because in front of you there is this rare creature, which you do not see every day, which if killed will give you a good chunk of experience and some sort of loot. So you call in some friends and together you go hunt for it, starting at its last seen location. I want to fight an alpha, a stronger than normal individual of their type, not a deity possessing an animal. I assume that one of the reasons the alphas are so absurdly strong is due to their level, but I can't know for sure, so my suggestion is; Reduce alphas strength to be around a level 50 - 75 "wild animal" of their species. They would still be strong individuals but not overly powerful Reduce their spawn rate, so it aligns with 5-10% of the current one, making them more elusive and rare Increase the experience you receive from attacking and killing them by 200-250%, due to lower spawn rates the reward goes up. These changes would still make keep the alphas stronger, than the normal spawning animals, of their species, but not in a way where an alpha rabbit can take on a wolf. Remember its still just a rabbit.
  5. Gonna be exciting! Best of luck on the turmoil seas!
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    Can't wait to get in game, and give it a go!
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