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  1. StalkingWolf

    Large Handling Sail - No Snap points for rope ladders

    I still can’t seem to connect this either. It’s a pain. I’m actually in the crows nest and I get “no snap point”.
  2. StalkingWolf

    Unable to connect/see Official Servers

    Ok, here are the details. If you have the issue, the news feed doesn’t come up. Have reduced the “threat” down to 5 different strings. @Jatheish here is the info you need to fix it. I have it in picture format. I’m not typing this out. If you need a higher quality image, I can email it to you. The three picture size is 16 meg total. Your site doesn’t support that size. Let me know if you need more details.
  3. StalkingWolf

    elephant can't tame

    Equip an item in your quick slot, like an axe, then unequip it. As if you were above to harvest. Y should work then. I think the game “thinks” you have an item in your hands, so it can’t feed with Y.
  4. StalkingWolf

    Unable to connect/see Official Servers

    If you have Comcast internet, try the link he quoted at the bottom. It’s how I fixed it in my end.
  5. StalkingWolf

    Unable to connect/see Official Servers

    I’ll re-enable the security and get the stings for you this evening sir.
  6. StalkingWolf

    Cannot see Server - fix

    My fix worked for the guy you linked. He texted me and was very thankful. the next person who has this, I would screen shot it for them to fix. The errors. I could, re-enable them, but I did bypass some and not sure if they would all pop back up. If no one else can do this, I’ll consider trying to regenerate the bad strings for you and do a screen shot.
  7. StalkingWolf

    Xbox Framerate Bug / Framerate Degradation

    The party chat issue was exactly causing my error! I now have the best FPS I have seen yet! Game looks great now! I just...have no party chat. That said, at least a problem was identified! Thanks!! Now just need the fix. Also, if I wait to load into game first THEN join party chat, I have no Frame rate issues.
  8. StalkingWolf

    Xbox Framerate Bug / Framerate Degradation

    Xbox One X internal install 1 and 2 fixes it. Lasts about 10-15 min and frame rate drops and beyond 20 can’t be more than 4-5 FPS at most. I have not tried 4. I have cleared cash and that does it. But again, it comes back in 10-15 min. I did 4 now, but will test it tomorrow. Tired. *Edited* 10-10/19 - Since I can't not make a new reply, I'll amend what you have requested here. I do have an internal AND external hard drive. The External Hard drive is an SSD. I only installed the exam on the internal drive as the external is for my child. OF NOTE! When I was playing in the starter Freeport zone the game worked fine. I mean, I would have liked to seen a better frame rate, but generally speaking, I was completely content and not annoyed. When me and my crew set sail out of the free port, all was fine. I changed from one zone (server) to another on the high seas, fine. And when I went to the 3rd zone (server) I noticed a frame rate start to drop. It wasn't until I sat foot on the land we intended to colonize that we all started to notice this framerate drop. I played in the Freeport area for a solid 3-4 hours w/o this drop, sailed about 35-40 minutes with no problems. The framerate drop hit me, lol, I know the EXACT moment it hit me, we were about to make landfall and the weather went bed and we had a bunch of cyclones hit us. While it was cool to see, and annoying, that was the moment I noticed the framerate drop. Now my first reaction was maybe it was a GPU issue. However, as soon as the storm passed and I jumped on land, the framerate stayed that bad (3-5 FPS if I had to guess). After I restarted, all was ok (say 25-30 FPS). But after about 10 min it started to drop and around 20 min, it was at time 1-3 FPS. It reminded me of an issue I saw on Ark back in the day. I want to think it was a memory issue then, and the RAM (or something) wasn't working correctly. Speed testing my Xbox, internet, I am at a solid consistent 50-60 Mbps download and 20-30 Mbps upload. I am also on Comcast, which presented its own problems. At first, I couldn't see the official servers because Comcast's "Advanced Xfi Protection" was blocking all protocals coming in to my xbox from you guys. It flagged it as an Attack. After I resolved this issue myself (which I KNOW other people playing on your server are having this issue), it was simply allowing those strings from Comcast through the XFi app. Now this did NOT affect my lag issue, as I had no problems the first 3 hours or so in the Freeport. For anyone who expresses this issue, and has Comcast, let them know the XFi is BLOCKING official server requests coming in and they need to be enabled. This includes the news highlights when the game boots up before server selection. Just FYI. I would have added this at the bottom, but apparently you can't post anymore than 2 posts a day and I exceeded that posting this here and trying to help someone with the above Comcast issue. Kind of a bad feature, when someone is trying to help people.
  9. StalkingWolf

    Cannot see Server - fix

    If you can see private servers but you cannot see the official one, i found out how to fix it for me. If you are a Comcast customer, their XFi Advanced Security features block the requests from coming into the Xbox for the official server. You need to allow these requests or disable the feature. *Edited* I can not replay at the bottom because apparently you can only post 2 posts in a 24 hour period. HERE is how you fix that issue. IF you are a COMCAST customer, and you have Comcast XFI set up, and you can SEE private servers but you can NOT see OFFICIAL servers, here is the fix... and I hope its temporary.... 1.) If you have not done so yet, DOWNLOAD the "Comcast XFi" app in the a app store. This is the app you use to regulate the devices on your network and make people profiles to know who is using what and regulate their use, if interested. If you DO NOT have the app, you likely still have this security feature enable. You just don't realize it. Its part of the Comcast package. Here is the official Comcast link talking about the security. https://www.xfinity.com/support/articles/xfinity-xfi-overview 2.) Open the app and log into your Comcast profile. 3.) If you click on "Network" on the bottom of the page, you will see your Xfi security notices at the top. If you click on it, you will see all the "potential threats" Comcast has blocked. As you can see, there are NUMEROUS ones coming from playatlas that Comcast thinks is a security threat. Some are incoming server requests, others are just the general news highlights when the game boots up. So if you boot the game up and you see HTML looking code in the "news feed", this is a STRONG indication YOU have the issue I am talking about. 4. You can go through all those strings of code and hit allow until you get the right one you need, so you can play OR....you can disable this over the top security. As I have an extra form of security beyond this one, I turned it off. To do that you Click on the bottom right "MORE", then click on "MY SERVICES", then you will see the xFi Advanced Security features. If you disable that, you will be able to see all the servers and the news will populate. Now I'm not happy with this fix and it annoys me, because I do like to have extra security turned on. That said, if you want to play while they fix this issue, this is how you do it.
  10. StalkingWolf

    xbox Serious Frame Rate Degradation

    I have an Xbox one X and can confirm I am rebooting every 15-20 minutes for this exact issue. It’s like it had a bad memory dump issue or something. It’s really annoying.