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  1. There is no debuff or any perma death as far as I know any more it got patched out awhile ago So IMHO it is optional as of now
  2. Atlaneer


    We got hit and couldn't do anything it was that laggy game gets unplayable when you get built up to a certain point
  3. Atlaneer

    Why are whales not 2x?

    Only 1 thing is ever X2 gold and that's the maps the games a joke
  4. Atlaneer

    Shipwreck treasure quality

    Also there's a good chance your shipwreck will also be glitched into an underwater sand bank if that's the case just leave it nothing you can do
  5. Atlaneer

    Post Dem up, PVP brig Designs

    Just use mythical everything that's the best PVP brig which everyone seems to have some how
  6. Atlaneer

    Shipwreck treasure quality

    I found a 21.6 first week in and got my crab wheel found loads since too not much under
  7. Atlaneer

    Whale throw comp

    Who can get thrown the furthest by a whale you can use any ship no prize but would be funny to see the furthest throw! Just post your recordings here.
  8. Atlaneer

    Zone loading is getting even worse.

    I agree it's getting a lot worse on Xbox too takes around a full minute now to transfer every zone and still no word from any Devs of anything being optimised
  9. Atlaneer

    NA servers down?

    Why is it so hard for them to simply reply on this forum but I'm sure I can instantly get a ban if I say the wrong thing though. it's backwards your customer support is non existent and your "people" skills are severely lacking I'm on m15 so I'm sweet
  10. Atlaneer

    Long sea trips - Need fast travel

    I wish I could find these whales I'm struggling but you guys are moaning saying there's too many and we live in polar
  11. The crew on fresh ships needs to be increased it is way too small 16 crew on a brig should be at least 20 I can barely fit enough crew on for the sails and cannons It's way too strict atm with regards to crews on ships
  12. Atlaneer

    Game getting unplayable on Xbox

    Our tribe has now got to a point where we dare not build anything else because our frame rate is like watching a comic strip God help you try and manoeuvre at any kind of speed in our harbour luckily at peace time nothing takes damage!
  13. Atlaneer

    opinions Your Ideas For Atlas!

    Just one for me: FIX. THE. GAME.
  14. Atlaneer

    Land Cannons

    Try dragging the cannon back a it I had a similar problem it's usually when a cannon is too close to a wall instead of firing you dismount stupid bug but at least they fixed imprinting............
  15. Atlaneer

    Top 5 things i like to Change

    Cargo saddles should stay at 33% weight when ships are anchored would make life 999999999999999999% better that simple minute detail