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  1. Right now it feels like I'm sailing forever, literally forever, I sail from grid to grid to find a suitable island of decent size to build my home that has decent resources etc etc, however they're all small and on every grid it either has a lion, wolf, tiger, cobra, bear so 80% of the time you're going to get mauled by one of these which sucks, which makes the game somewhat less fun.
  2. Okay lets start with the gold thing, you guys are milking it so much, the whole point of building a shipyard and farming the resources is so you don't have to spend gold to buy the ship, that alone is very time consuming, also gold for crafting barrels? why? just collect wood, gunpowder etc etc that should suffice. Now before the team change over ( I believe you are the newest team) we had talk about humans breeding, when we reach old age or die we inhabit the body of our off-spring, getting this system out would be amazing, along with animal breeding if it's not already in. Shark Taming, okay now we see divers going in the fish tank with sharks at an aquarium, the sharks are friendly they're not all out for blood and some even build bonds with the sharks, scary I know, but it would be great to see this, Don't know why you haven't included it yet, also more types of sharks are needed instead of the only one we have. Now the hunger system, sharks with a full belly should be less aggressive, the more hungry they become 25% hunger they will become aggressive to everything until it has eaten something but this doesn't just have to apply to sharks but other aggressive creatures, snakes for example instead of chasing you, they will hiss, when you get too close they will become aggressive somewhat same for cobras. I believe these features would be great. and finally I would like more land, I want to actually build a decent home with resources around me rather than travelling everywhere, Npcs sell stuff in the market like metals/wood etc that we'd normall have to travel for............Ships of the damned aren't always grouped, this is just the start of making this game better, lower the cost of resources for building ships, there's alot that you could do with this game that you have still failed to do.
  3. The ocean should be filled with fish, not in certain spots, i have no idea how to contact BW creator, but even if it's a free map, it should still be maintained and if its unable to be maintained by the developer, then it should be brought off that person and given to Atlas devs with the credit given to the creator, or at least atlas devs should create their own map. all because a map is free, doesn't mean it shouldn't have the latest content.
  4. Now Blackfish doesn't have any fish at all, no sharks, no mantas, marlin, mermaids, and no whales, when will this be fixed. I tried fighting a enemy players ship, i had to manually get my crew to board, and even then, my crew and hers, was all clumped together, it sucked. I'd like for an option to remove SOTD and replace them with regular pirate ships but keep the undead guarding the treasure chests or encounter Ai pirates seeking the same treasure, how does a bullet hurt them but no longer arrows, it was the only thing that made it somewhat bearably even. What is the recommended creature spawn for singleplayer?, i was on blackwood, travelled west got to that island, level 83 tiger, 2 leatherbacks, 3 crocs, definetly no chance of survival. also does blackwood have WPE? if not then why? I think Wild pirates should attempt to retake their lost encampment over a period of time, it's like a siege defence which would be IMMENSLY fun, but obviously don't make it OP, can you imagine shooting an enemy real pirate ship from the encampment you stole. Again Blackwood map, getting metal nodes or least finding them is hard, least on ark they were near rivers and always on mountains, would be nice to see something similar to this
  5. +1, although i got my AI crew to fight my girls AI crew and they all just clumped together, was horrendous
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