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  1. Nice, I like where the game seems to be going, creating new options for the players. My only hope with this update is that you can't just buy OP ships, but simpler ones just for exploring or maybe small battles.
  2. While playing Atlas, I can't help but notice every time I'm in a freeport how empty the towns are. Sure, there are a few vendors and a shipyardsman around the area, but it's a town. There should realistically be more people than this. I think a great addition to the game that could probably be added as part of the 4 phase roadmap is more npcs and more abilities for npcs. Right now, the crewmembers are too simple. You can get them to follow you, stop somewhere, change their stance from passive to neutral or aggressive, and seat them on cannons or sails. They're people, not tames. They should be able to be given tools to harvest resources or told to bring you something. They should be able to tend farms. As for the freeport towns, I think adding more npcs that walk around and do things would make the game more interesting. They could live in the houses that make up the town. They could give you quests for rewards. There could even be some settlements on some of the larger non-freeport islands. Please comment if you have any ideas to add to or change this.
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