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  1. A1 Community is launching its new map on the 8th with crossplay enabled. The Shadowlands is a map specially designed to cater for those of us who like a little bit of both. A PVE map with a PVP grid battleground. Creative building, ships, breeding and trading at the heart of a friendly community with weekly events and challenges to win prizes. Community hosted events, group activities to enable not only solo players to engage in a more sociable feel but also groups joining to meet other groups. Lightly boosted with a dynamic range of grids that you will explore to find where the best level 40 wild creatures may be hiding. Like PVP but dont like the 24/7 lifestyle? No problem, take a trip to the Bloodworks and hunt for some ship v ship action or uncover bases and hidden camps. The community feel is important to A1 so if you want to be part of it pop into our discord! https://discord.gg/uR7HT5x
  2. A1 Fresh Launch This Week! Join us for a brand new adventure on the seas. A1 is a gaming community that is launching a brand new 4x4 Atlas map on 7/9. All the content, a friendly, active community and weekly events for some great prizes. 4x Harvesting 4x XP 7x Taming Increased Max Level All powerstones, trenches and bosses Colonies System All Quests PVP with offline protection Weekly bonus boots Join us to start your brand new adventure! Direct Connection Link steam://connect/ PM for discord Infos
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