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  1. From a Pve opinion id like to see more variety in blueprints we can craft and foods we can prepare along with better quality of buffs, stacks, and decay rate. Would love to see more meshes for ships, building design and decoration similar to what you see in mods like eco does in Ark. Having these blueprints be drops and not skills would give more to enjoy in treasure hunts and more to trade in the community. It would also be nice to see the npc crew get better AI and some personality. Having the prebuilt towns with added npc’s spawn rare npc crew we can recruit would be nice. At sea it be nice to see more activity but it doesn’t need to be ship breaking ruin your day kind of threat more of things to give your npc’s reason to be on guard to handle with small weapons during random occurrences.
  2. The land masses really need more to them then just the grind for resources (which I as a farmer enjoy) dungeons and unique loot create drive to explore. The risk to pvp should be out at sea while the risk/ reward for pve be on the land creating the desire to travel to further areas. Your npc crew also could use more love as they currently are a big part but are basically bland and empty of personality other then a random name and look generated to them. Unique crew with unique personalities would make the journey more enjoyable.
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