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  1. Sorry for not opening the post in a couple of days but here's to try and answer some of the follow up questions. @8ballWe were cheated out of the opportunity to own the island because the island flag was deliberately taken down with the new owner on standby to immediately take new claim. So there was 0 opportunity for anyone close to even have the chance to claim unless they were stalking the exact moment the flag came down. @Daigari We did want to own the island. We still want to own the island, but the real shitty thing is, the person who released the island ownership did so while moving and took little to nothing with them and also left all of their gold for the new company to take. @blitzed909 Thank you for your understanding. We're sincerely trying not to move because of one prick. We've been a fairly level headed company, we don't block off or pillar anything or practiced "reserving" build locations. So to have someone come in and drop crap everywhere and destroying anything we couldn't protect was a bit more than irritating. It's understood we can easily move to a new island, as there are plenty near us we could claim and not struggle much while changing our immediate available resources but.... should we even have to? Over the course of a few days we learned a few things. 1. this company owns multiple islands in our current grid, one of them is 100% abandoned and they won't release control. We also learned that this is their 3rd island to own and is nothing more than a satellite base to them... which is again, their second island in the grid with the island being abandoned. Some of it is me and a few others simply being stubborn about not wanting to be pushed around. It's been my experience in life that if you let someone push you around once they are more inclined to do it in the future, so no I won't give up so easily and go belly up! Since my original post we did have a member give them everything they wanted and things have gotten a little better since then. The fact still remains that we were grieved for days over a older structure that was placed when they had no interaction with the island. They wanted the structure removed but instead of talking to our company like a reasonable human the griefing began immediately. Their mentality of "I'm the island owner, I shouldn't have to ask" is what truly annoyed us. Yet it feels like this attitude is not only being allowed but being promoted.
  2. Alright, So I have been on an island for a while and the island ownership has shifted hands a few times. The last time it was a direct release from one owner for the intention for the new owner to take it. There was no opportunity for anyone else to claim at all. Since they new owner has taken the island they have decided that we are griefers because of a structure that was placed prior to their ownership. 1, 1x2 building. Since then, they have placed endless amounts of random structures to include pillars w/ white flags, foundations capped with a bed, and small houses and homes. These structures were initially placed all around our current base and misc structures. Some of them are blocking resource spawns and prevent us from building new buildings entirely. This includes structures placed in the water. They have used their owner abilities to remove any walls or fresh builds as well which I understand is part of their ingame granted permission. They are actively trying to single handedly drive us from the island, one that they have no complete base on of their own and they are too pre-occupied in harassing us to even work on it. Their claim is we are trying to dominate the island which is simply not true. They own 2 islands within our region and have already driven other companies off of their second island. Most everything I have seen sadly says this is allowed since the islands are still under their claim. Overall, it feels like players are still getting shafted by the claim/own system. It feels like the wild west, and if you own something, you win. My company was cheated out of any opportunity to have it and are now being targeted. Is this what the game devs intended to allow to happen? Is it the intent for crap like this to keep happening?
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