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  1. MOTIK

    Leaving Atlas

    well, until ANYBODY else releases a game with water and ships that you can play alone... i felt the same way. friends talked me into coming back. decided to just have a schooner and a bear. kinda roleplaying a sandbox experience instead of chasing goals. has been fun so far in small doses.
  2. MOTIK

    Lost a bear into the sea

    100% need a map toggle to show tames and crew. not at all realistic but, necessary until the game is finished at least.
  3. MOTIK

    Water in hotter zones

    need to dig or make the irrigation thing if planning to stay. check for nearby settlements. many will have an irrigation pipe u can drink from
  4. MOTIK

    Unrealistic Expectations

    i dont understand why it so hard to fix the hit box. is it not just a wire box they can drag and expand to fit the visuals?! animals clipping through textures and having to crawl up inside some animals to feed while taming seems like a super simple fix.
  5. MOTIK

    Galleon Sails Preference

    1 handling then all speed i always like 1 handling because it goes from no sail to full sail super fast so you instantly start moving. helps a lot with "parking".
  6. MOTIK

    is this game officaly dead now?

    have not seen any official news, but then companies rarely publicly announce failure. safe bet is abandon ware. i heard that new dino expansion is a really pretty piece of garbage though...so it was totally worth abandoning such a promising project /s
  7. MOTIK

    Too much negativity

    the angry green guy that lives on the street! duh! swedish chef is a VERY close second. heeeeey derp derp
  8. MOTIK

    Too much negativity

    ark is kinda like being 5 years old playing with your plastic dinosaurs in a sandbox the neighborhood cats use as a litterbox... some people cherish that memory. personally i was hoping the whole "we made a new game company" thing would distance atlas from ark and create something the neighborhood cats dont shit in. (yes this kinda contradicts a previous post. suggesting they join up was a last ditch emergency thought)
  9. Percieval i understand that was the original goal. if the options are atlas becoming abandon-ware or getting folded into the ark-verse and completed it becomes a reasonable option. just me trying to think of solutions. not that my thoughts matter haha cheers
  10. it sounds like they both got promotions. happy for them. would still like an official atlas announcement tho at this point wouldnt it make sense to make atlas a world within the ark universe? would help explain the dinosaur sized snakes and the magical undead things. also, i kinda want to see a raptor boarding party...
  11. MOTIK

    Too much negativity

    I'm fine with paying to play an early access title. I can look past all the bugs and dev fumbles. what pisses me off is paying for a game that a company appears to have never intended to finish. That borders on fraud and its getting to the point where legal repercussions may be reasonable. you pay ahead for reservations at a restaurant. you start getting upset if it takes more than an hour to get your food. if you dont see your waitress for SIX MONTHS and still havnt been fed most people go nuts.
  12. rumor also has it that the person (team?) that designed the ship structures was one of the first to leave the company. long time ago there was a list of job openings and somebody smarter than me pointed out they were critical design positions. probably an easy google or reddit search to find the discussion. after a year of dark troubling waters this game desperately needs an official announcement of something...anything.
  13. they busy working on a PsP and nintendo switch port.
  14. MOTIK

    Sleeping on boat

    i think it is maritime law to get naked and feed the sharks before bed. 10/10 ultra realistic pirate sim hehe
  15. MOTIK

    Let's talk about this wind

    right, self respawn to feed yourself was obviously a horrible design flaw. you are correct but, i think we all know that shouldnt be the solution in any type of "survival" game.
  16. MOTIK

    Let's talk about this wind

    Atlas: my little pony rancher steampunk update coming soon!
  17. MOTIK

    Let's talk about this wind

    hitting a dead wind and potentially starving to death is an amazing game mechanic, but not every day. maybe once a real time month. same with the hot / cold snaps. great idea with poor implementation. these folks are so close to a gem. im still cheering for them, like we cheer for that one buddy that can never quite get laid. please take atlas out of the perpetual friend zone!
  18. pvp and pve are separate servers. im not sure why they cant nerf the snot out of pvp server and leave the pve folks alone. from the start it seems like two separate companies working on two different games. pve folks make some fun stuff then the pvp company nerfs it to death.
  19. MOTIK

    Some simple questions.

    1. it used to be 30 2. yep, tames in a sailing game imo are beyond stupid. many others agree and the "new" lead dev promised to greatly reduce the impact of tames in the future. 3. apparently a perfectly breed bear will allow you to do very high level treasure chests solo. i never bothered. in the hours it takes you to find, tame, then breed perfect bears you can do like 100+ treasures with a regular bear or just take the melee tree and use a 2hand mace. 4/5. there was a map on the wiki showing where all of the various resources spawned. the islands have been shifted around more than once though and im not sire the wiki has been updated. if hunting a specific resource your best bet is to be social and ask other players in game. several times friends and i did this and were greeted with thousands of surplus people had laying around. if you are trying to make mythic gear and ships remember that this is supposed to be an epic pirate mmo and you shouldnt expect to have end game mythic raid tier gear much before 100 hours played. enjoy the journey
  20. MOTIK

    20 bucks of salt

    paid 25 bucks to alpha test a game for a company (shouldn't they be paying testers?!) and now a better version of that game is 5 bucks on steam.... needed a place to publicly dump 20 bucks worth of salty rage. thanks
  21. MOTIK

    fix my dead body, this is bullshit

    haha i never seen a kid get so angry about coconuts. 10/10 thanks for the entertainment. i expect an angry coconuts meme song soon..
  22. it is a big world but, the video game industry only has a handful of current games this controversial. the other right off the top of my head is the giant clusterfug dumpster fire that is borderlands 3.
  23. MOTIK

    Long sea trips - Need fast travel

    @wildbill yeah, it for sure slows down. if people are trying to solo companies with several mythic galleons in pvp using an exploration / base schooner that's just dumb. i can't fix dumb. elephants are a bit much weight for schooners but, if you are just an exploration / whale / sotd / base schooner u don't need elephants and you can put all points into weight and be plenty fast. again, if you are trying to farm lvl 50 sotd and whales in a level 1 base schooner that is again just dumb. i'm not sure what people expect. there is no game you can walk out the door with level one newb gear and solo end game content. yes, i agree with you. there are other modes to play. i'm not really commenting on single player and private servers though. there are way too many variables and custom options server owners can tinker to really have a rational discussion about gameplay. again i agree. offline griefing is brutal in an mmo. there needs to be safe havens / hubs / towns in any mode pve or pvp. cheers
  24. MOTIK

    Long sea trips - Need fast travel

    @Whitehawk **NOT MY BUILDS** couldn't find the video of my last schooner build (i probably deleted it). here are some examples that 10 minutes of playing google / youtube yielded. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sT5rVZMDzM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vOn0T7RG_w firespark is awesome. if you clear out the space below the aft gun castle you can have a 3x4 area that will hold a rhino and bears. all the crafting stations can be arranged to fit in a 2x2 (behind the rear mast and under the ships wheel) except tailor / forge / tannery. if you place the masts forward and build a half wall step up you can easily house a forge and tailor forward and port side (if you place it central the diving platform glitches out). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0KHp-mL_yQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEnSIJdXDFY this next build i don't really like but you can easily drop a forge in the aft area and forward of the guns you could put most of the crafting stations. (no room for animals and gun ports on a exploration / base schooner are not efficient) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIhPGJY5HA4 2 balista aft can easily kill the big whales. we killed a lvl 52 sotd galleon with 4 well placed journeyman ship cannons in a rear gun castle. i won't lie. it was tough and took a few tries. we did it though and i'm sure others could do better. we were laughing, half drunk/stoned, and having fun. next content update (next summer?) i will re-install and make some guides. i'm not sure why so many people like you struggle with simple tasks. it really isn't that hard.
  25. MOTIK

    Long sea trips - Need fast travel

    i managed to put all crafting stations on a schooner plus two bears and a rhino and we still had room for 3 crew cabins.... so im gonna call bullshit or "get gud" hahaha why do you NEED land for shipyards? if you could buy schooner, brig, galleon from freeport then you only need shipyards for increasing quality (mythic) which SHOULD be restricted to large companies and NOT a solo venture. my opinion. *edit it is an mmo not an ark 20 player server or a single player game. i dont think every special snowflake should have their own island to build barbie dollhouses. i keep saying this and people dont get it. THERE ARE DOZENS of barbie dollhouse games. we need a sailing / shipbuilding focused game. if u want to puke barbie dollhouses all over people go play ark, minecraft, conan, fortnite, 7days, empyrion, avorion or one of the other hundreds of builder games. **if you need / want help designing efficient ships with space to move around i can try to find some pictures of our last builds