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  1. You have 200 players playing your game and you still manage to not listen to them. EVERY single change you've made in season 6 was bad in concept and execution. If only you could read the simple responses your players give you on your own patch notes inside your own platform...
  2. How the hell can you nerf only NEW handling sails. How the hell can you join a server, grind for hours for a myth blueprint, hours for resources and mythos, and then you're half speed compared to any other boat before the update ? You completly messed up unofficial boosted servers. Those who already have a 200 accel handling sail are kings, because new players who want to join can only get up to 125. How can this make sense to anyone ? You guys have no brain. Game was slowing dying and you're just making it die faster. Sell the game to an actually competent team who actually wants to develop the game. Just in my crew you lost 10 active players with this crap.
  3. You could and should talk about the fact that the game went from 100k players to 600. You talk about PVP but for that you need to actually find players on servers. How are you getting those people back on the game ? MMO & 600 players is not compatible. Even on the most populated server you can't find any people to fight. Stop making changes nobody asked for. You'll end up playing the game you developed alone. Most people i know left the game because of the lack of players and your poor optimization of the game. Shooting someone at 10 fps is not a good experience. You gave us most of the bad parts of ARK and you are taking away the few remaining good parts of ARK. Why not for example, bring quality saddles from ARK ? People would be less interested in the tame level, if you could get a saddle BP that increases harvest rates, or weight multipliers, or how many times i need to hit a tree to harvest it. Simple changes that could add content, reduce time spent on finding the best tame and on harvest, and spending more time searching for loot. Stop insisting on PVP only when the game has no players to fight. I love PVP, but atm its just sailing hoping to see any enemy ship. Even if you make PVP system better, you can't PVP alone. We are so bored that we are fighting our own company to keep entertained!!!
  4. Your game is dying, it is on a 2.5k peak players on a game supposed to be a MMO. Why are you focusing only on Singleplayer and Single server maps? Official network is completely dead, unoffical is slowing walking to that status. I'm guessing developers are busy with another ARK DLC since its seems a better way to profit from the playerbase.
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