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  1. For those interested in this topic: Word from Voodoo at GG- "Unfortunately, as a matter of policy, we won't take ownership away from a player for any reason (inactive or otherwise), without that players consent to do so." So, they will take away ships after 2 or 3 weeks, they will release tames after 10 days, they will demolish buildings after 10 days, but they won't release a company at all, ever. I understand the clutter associated with players that have quit. I understand trying to keep things clean and reducing lag for everybody. I don't understand the company leadership reticence. In discussions elsewhere, others have said that it is in case the leader is on vacation or some such. If that is the case, then why kill off his/her tames, ships, and buildings? At this point, a small company can't go on vacation or they lose everything. Except their leadership position. /sigh My recommendation would be to put some sort of timer on it, just as they do everything else. Four weeks? Five? I know some cultures take a month off for vacation. Six weeks? Allow the next person in the chain of command to take over so that you don't have a brand new company member conduct the mutiny.
  2. Ah. Yes. Nice ad hominem there. Just because this account doesn’t have posts I must be a newbie and not know what I am talking about. /sigh. His arguments contradict each other. In summary, he said: ’It doesn’t make sense to own an island because you gain no benefit but it doesn’t make sense not to own because you pay the land owner’ (which is a benefit to the landowner). ‘There are no benefits to building in lawless because people screw you over’ which implies there are benefits to owning or building on an owner island. If he were to say that the benefits were not sufficient for the cost, that is a discussion worth having. But he didn’t say that. “You get nothing in return.” personally, I think the claim system is a nice idea. However, it is most effective on a large population server with a lot of people building, harvesting, and working together. If you have 20 settlers on your island, all harvesting and giving you a tax, it means you don’t have to harvest. All you have to do is just pull from your flag/bank and build as much as you want. Frees you up to get gold to pay for the island If you have an issue with something, rather than just complain, offer solutions.
  3. Ok. I’m confused. On the one hand, You don’t get any benefit from owning an island. “The only thing you get is that somebody else can’t tax you .” And then you complain that when you don’t own the island you get taxed and have to give that to the land owner so the owner benefits from your work. But if you live in lawless, any dickhead can screw you. But they can’t mess with you on an owned (yours or somebody else’s) island? Make up your mind. Sounds like there are no benefits to any of this and it’s all just one big Jean Lafitte screwfest. By by the way, this isn’t an airport. No need to announce your departure.
  4. Please put it in functionality that allows company members to take over a company in which the leadership has quit the game. A three week timer or some such. With the current state of the game, I’m stuck in a company that all the leadership has stopped playing. Sure, I can quit the company and join a new one, taking ships, crew, and tames with me, but all the structures I have built go away. Being able to take over leadership would enable me to merge with another guild and keep our structures. And avoid all the time lost in building. As it stands now, I’m looking at personally conducted a mini-wipe on myself to be able to join another company.
  5. And this only works if you are at the helm of your ship. It will not work if you aren’t currently Captaining the ship.
  6. Is there a way to take over leadership of your company? Our leadership has been absent for weeks and does not appear to be coming back. Messages on discord go unanswered. While I know those few of us in the company still playing can just leave the company, we can transfer our tames, crews, and ships, I am concerned about all the buildings we will lose. We put a lot of time and effort into the buildings and would rather not just abandon all that work. If there isn't a way, I will put in a suggestion to allow some sort of mutiny to be able to replace absent company leadership.
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