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  1. Is it no longer possible to add new ships on the older system of ships? If it is would you please consider adding classes of ships between the existing four old class ship models? I would like it a whole lot more than the ships that are being released now as i can make them in any kind of fashion and use. Sloop 1x6, caravel 2x8, schooner 3x10, barq somewhere inbetween schooner and brig, frigate between brig and galleon. The modular system is ok but 20k+ gold for a ship with very limited uses is too much and most here feel it is punishing for players.
  2. I understand adding specialized ships into the game to add different spices to it. I would like to ask that you do not ignore the existing ships either though. It would be nice if you could add additional models/classes to the existing line up sloop is a 1x6 schooner is a 3x11 brig is a larger and galleon is larger still. It would be nice to have options in between these classes to create more variety and choices. Say a ketch could be a 2x8 in size and a frigate could be between a schooner and brig and so on. I feel that more options of this sort are just as important as the lego ship system in terms of application and usage.
  3. Same issue worked a day ago and now it does not.
  4. Any new ship types in the future? Anything in between the current types? What about a resource box that was discussed some time ago that would repair or upkeep your structures on lawless? Any plans to make group content such as kraken or yeti caves attainable by solo players?
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