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  1. **Note this is not my mod but wanted to make sure this got out there as I'm sure there are a lot that would like to use it on single player or on their server. They feel really great in the game, honestly feel like they have always ment to be in the game, author has them spawning in the exact right areas as well. This mod aims to add some Ark flying animals able to be tamed and ridden into Atlas. Mod can be found here https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2662547506
  2. Mod list - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2029738842 Join - Either search Consortium in browser or direct join - steam://connect/ Discord invite to Consortium - https://discord.gg/P4YSgXuT Tons of awesome mods, great server stability, awesome active admins and very friendly helpful players. I'm just a player on the server, but wanted to get out the word on this server, if you enjoy PVE and Atlas then you are missing out by not giving this server a go.
  3. Server name The Great Escape 2x3 PVE https://atlasserverlist.com/server/64904294 steam://connect/ Mods Better Animals & More Custom Item Stacks [SPUK] Advanced Structures Total Structures Total Ships Market NPCs MultiVitamin Custom Ini Sails Total Sails KWAKA'S PIRATE JUKEBOX eco's RP Decor eco's ATLAS Foliage Peachy Atlas Decor Peachy Ship Decor Only a 10 man per cluster, more family type gameplay. We had to rent min of 10 players, if we could have rented just for 2 we would have done that, but have 8 slots that don't fill, so wanted to offer to community if your looking for a place to play with good rates and fun mods.
  4. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. So running 10x gather, however I'm having issues with the mythos. it is setup with the havestresource and main harvest at 1. Everything is working great except the mythos, I've tried the two ways below in my game.ini however just no dice on this. HarvestResourceItemAmountClassMultipliers=(ClassName="PrimalItemResource_MagicMarrow_C",Multiplier=90.0) HarvestResourceItemAmountClassMultipliers=(ClassName="PrimalItemResource_MagicMarrow",Multiplier=90.0)
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