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  1. Anyone find darkwood/ironwood in new season?
  2. Just by looking at the cannon placement, it’s not far back enough so the cannon group options probably doesn’t see them. Go to options on the cannons and change the group options to Back. It should work. They shoot fish and other animals in freeport because of a bug, nothing to do about it.
  3. yeah, O8 is out of sync, buildings floating in the Air over the ocean.
  4. On the island, no ressources can be harvested, wood, fiber, stone, etc.
  5. I've had a similar problem, however it might not be related to what you're experiencing. When I load into our main base island, there's so much lag that it takes a while for the company information to load. To the point my own puckles had killed me when I spawned on a bed near them. If I click company, it says I have to create a new one. I have to wait about 2-3 mins before everything is back to normal.
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